Which should I choose????


Which should I choose????

  1. GST with Silver hardware

  2. Diamond stitch large shopper

  3. Large Quilted shopper (medallion?)

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  1. Well, my dream of purchasing my first Chanel is going to become a reality soon. Problem is, I like three different bags. Which would you get for your first? Here are my options ( I think I have named them correctly, but please let me know if they are called something different):

    1) GST in black with silver hardware
    2) Quilted large shopper (Is it called the medallion too? Not sure)
    3) Diamond stitch large shopper

    Let me know what you think. BTW, I am 28 years old and want something I will love now and in 10 years from now.
  2. I'm also 28 but all of yours is not my choices. Not my style. Anyway, out of the 3 , I will choose Diamond stitch.
  3. For your first, you might want to stick to classics. Both the GST and Medallion are safe choices. The cons and pros been dicussed widely here, you might want to do a search for that. However the GST is more popular! Have fun deciding on you first Chanel!
  4. GST with silver gets my vote!
  5. I voted for the diamond stitch large shopper, I really like the look of this bag, it's highly functional, and has nice looking leather.

    I don't care for the medallion tote at all (JMO), I like the GST as my second choice.
  6. GST got my vote
  7. medallion.
  8. I don't understand why you should necessarily pick a classic as your first, you should only buy what you like and what grabs your attention when looking around in a boutique or at pictures on the forum. Also keep in mind that classics are going to be available years from now, where if there's a seasonal one that you like, it might only be around for a limited time.
    Of the three I picked the Diamond Stitch :yes:, the other ones just not my style.
  9. I'd pick either GST or the Diamond stitch. The Medallion is beautiful and leather lined (I wish Chanel lined more bags in leather), but it doesn't seem to hold as much. For your age, probably the Diamond stitch would be a stylish choice as well as a bag that will look good years from now.

    p.s. I see you're in Charlotte. If you're interested in a PF get-together, check the tPF meetings thread in General Discussion. Feb. 16, several of us Carolina/Georgia/Maryland members are meeting at SouthPark Mall. Thought I'd mention it here in Chanel in case you don't see the notice. We are a really diverse group and have a great time.
  10. i definitely go for GST!
  11. GST from me
  12. I like the diamond stitch or the medallion. The GST is just so large and heavy and cumbersome (imo) and I don't like the top that much.
  13. Thanks you ladies have given me great options. I am leaning toward the GST or the diamond stitch large shopper. I don't know if I am ready to jump into a classic though, which is why I am so on the fence. I will let you ladies know what I end up deciding and post pics when I get the bag.
  14. Gst
  15. I voted for the Diamond Stitch Tote. I bought the GST, but I couldn't make it work for me. The chain on the Diamond Stitch is the most comfortable for me out of the 3 choices presented.