Which should I buy??

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  1. Hi, I need some advise. I need a big bag to carry all my day stuff as wallet, agenda, 1 or 2 textbooks, bottle of water and a fruit. I've been looking for Cabas Piano, Cavas Mezzo, Canvas Lockit. I'm 5'.0'' and around 105 lbs.
    Which one would you recomend? Any other options ?
    Thanks very much for your help:yahoo:
  2. Hmm..if you're going to carry all that around, I definitely recommend the Mezzo! I used mine today for my school books, notebooks, etc. and it was perfect.
  3. I have the Cabas Mezzo, brilliant bag for carrying loads, it is my staple bag LOL
  4. Another vote for mezzo, very good size...and sturdy for holding books :smile:
  5. i LOVE Lockit Horizontal...though mezzo (roughly same size i guess?) would serve your purpose too! both are gorgeous!
  6. batignolles horizontal. even weight distribution, plenty of space, a lovely drop on the shoulder straps, a recent price decrease and an all around useful and beautiful and classic piece!
  7. I'd say go for something with a strap

    I switch between my Speedy 35 and my Noé as a university bag and have noticed that -espcecially on long days- it's much more convenient to have something that is not handheld .... I'm even considering a cross-body bag now, to be totally hands-free :shame:
  8. Have you thought about the Batignolles Horizontal or Vertical? Nice shape + size plus shoulder bag and it's cheaper now :nuts: