Which should I buy?

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  1. So I'm in a dilemma again....

    I thought I was set on buying a mini pochette or pochette accessoires but I've been lusting after these Tory Burch Reva flats but I've been waiting for them to go on sale. Regular price is $225, but they're on sale at my fave dept store Nordstrom for $180.00. I realize this is the LV forum so I may get some biased answers but if you're like me then you love LV bags (not crazy about SLG's) and Tory Burch shoes!!

    Help please!!

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  2. i says SHOES! I've been wanting them for a while too! i wonder if my nordstorm has them on sale here in MN.
  3. They're on sale at nordstrom.com and they currently have all the sizes!! Happy shopping!
  4. AWESOME! thanks. good luck deciding too
  5. op, are they true to size do you know?
  6. i would go for the shoes too..lol even tho i love my mini pochette, i love flats more.
  7. I vote the TB Revas!! I have like 10 pairs (I know, shoe addiction) and I love them! They are always good for elevating your outfit! And they are NEVERRRRR on sale, esp not at Tory Burch! Even when TB does F&F, they exclude revas (rude). So you should seize the opportunity! Size wise, I think they are fairly TTS if you have normal feet. My feet are a little wider than normal, and usually I get my normal size or a half size bigger. I think generally people get this shoe in a half size larger.
  8. I don't have the Reva's so I'm not sure, but I do have the sally 2 wedges and they are definitely TTS.
  9. Another vote for the flats! Those are really cute!
  10. Thanks!!! I'm shocked at how many people are voting for the shoes in the LV forum. The shoes it is!! I'm gonna call my nordstrom when they open so I can try them on, but if they're not having the in store sale then I'll just order my regular size 8 on the site!!
  11. Go for the shoes!!!!! So cute, and I love flats.
  12. Aloha! Get the TB flats! You'll loooove 'em!!! Beware though, once you get 1...you'll soon be addicted! ☺️
  13. Mahalo!! I don't have the Reva's but I've already reached the point of no return as I am already addicted to TB shoes!

  14. 😉 hahaha! Post on "You and your Tory Burch in action!" See you there!
  15. I vote for Tory! I love her shoes too, but I've never been lucky enough to buy them on sale. Go for it! That SLG isn't going anywhere. ;)