Which should I buy?


Which should I get??

  1. Baby paddington

  2. Balenciaga city

  3. Niether, save your money!

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  1. Baby paddington (in a possible metalic color) or Balenciaga City (in a bright color)?

    Just some background, I already own a Balenciaga first in apple green & own a Chloe paddington wallet. I was thinking to get a Balenciaga in the city size to possibly carry a notebook in & bring it to class some days, but the baby paddington is so cute & different than the other bags I have now.

    The city is a few hundred more, but is one more practical than the other? Would you think I'd use one more? More classic? I don't know!! Please help!
  2. Is the option of having a shoulder bag and a larger bag that fits more, more important to you? If so then go w/the city. If you want something that matches your new wallet, then go w/the baby paddy. The baby paddy is only hand held and won't hold as much as the city. I personally would go with the city. If you had a choice of the city vs. the regular size paddy satchel, I would go for the regular size paddy. Hope I didn't confuse you even more lol!
  3. I feel as though the regular paddy will be too big for me. I thought the same of the city size, but many of the Bbags girls are encouraging the size & it may be a nice change to have a larger bag...there are pros to both!
  4. i love (Save your money) part of the poll :roflmfao: Are you feeling guilty of spending $$$ on these bags?

    So i would say balenciaga for sure.. IMO if u want to make a choice, choose something that will be stylish and classy in the same time for a long period. Chloe to me is very "in the moment" but balenciaga is just forever!

  5. Haha just a poor college student! I'm always worried about the money before a purchase! It quickly fades though! So you think Balenciaga is more of a lasting brand/bag than Chloe?
  6. ^^ Totally! I have balenciaga first and i just love it.. its casual its classy and you just dont see that many .. at least not as many as chloe bags.. so i say be different and get a balenciaga.. im sure u wont regret it a sec!
  7. Balenciaga! Its Soo Light And Comfortable.
  8. I'd get a bbag... one thing I find, at least with the Chloe paddington is that it weighs like a ton of bricks (not sure about the smaller one)... it's such a pain! That's why I don't really like Chloe bags.
  9. I say the city if you want to bring a notebook with you.
  10. Even though its a bit more I say Balenciaga, Im sure you would get much more use out of it.
  11. not a fans of paddy, so i must say go for balenciaga city! :wlae:
  12. maybe you would use the balenciaga more since it's bigger....the baby paddy is adorable, though!
  13. i love the Baby Paddington!
  14. I vote for the baby paddy. I use mine every day at the moment, and it fits everything I need into it. I got the zip lid style one, as I find it easier to get into, piccie attached :biggrin:

    I find it much more practical than I ever thought I would :smile:
  15. hmm..I had a hard time making my decision for the poll. :biggrin: I would go with the Balenciaga City; I think that you may get more use out it (since you said you could use it for school).

    but...there is still a part of me that reallly like the baby paddy! It is just so adorable and you have the matching wallet.

    So... :shrugs: :shrugs::shrugs: