which should I buy??

  1. Budget: $400 max plus tax (NYC) and thats iffy- would like to be $300-$350 tops including tax

    what it needs to hold:
    lipgloss (small)
    concealor stick
    some spare cash/change


    will this hold a 30 gig iPod??

    will this price be consistant until around thanksgiving (when Im going) At this price its my choice pick but I dont want to spend more then $400 something on it (including tax) so Im hoping its price wont hike



    other suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. 1. Monogram Canvas Accessories Pochette
    2. Monogram Canvas Mini Sac HL
    3. Monogram Canvas Mini Accessories Pouch
  3. thanks! Im excited- I got my cabas piano used so this will be my first *new* louis vuitton purchase.

    Now to pray no more price hikes on the small things before I go lol
  4. The monogram canvas accessories pochette would be my first choice. It should hold the items you listed and maybe a bit more. But it really is your decision. Be sure to bring the items you want to carry in it so you can ensure they will all fit (if they'll let you do that). Good luck and have fun!
  5. I would get the Monogram Canvas Accessories Pochette. And you can always buy a longer strap for it later and you can wear it long
    across your body.
  6. I think the pochette is a great bag for what you need, and it fits your price range!
  7. Monogram Canvas Accessories Pochette:tup:
  8. I agree the accessories pouchette would be good for you. I love the mini hl too.

  9. Agree with all of these suggestions.:tup:
  10. Why not the Poche Toilette 26? It works really well and it's only $275.00
  11. I too would get the Pochette since it has a strap and has cotton canvas interior lining which wouldn't require that much caring for unlike the leather interior of the Poche Toilette 26.