Which should I buy...

  1. I have decided to treat myself with an extra Chloe from one of the sales...plus I need a new decent sized black bag for work...

    But I have to decide between two...either the large black Betty tote on NAP as this lost out to a Mulberry last time, but I really still want one...or, I've been offered a large black python Silverado in really good condition by a friend of someone at work, who I have met before and seemed really genuine...

    Now, usually I would go for the Silverado at the drop of a hat because I adore them....but, I'm put off because I can't for the life of me remember Chloe ever producing a black python silverado....

    anyone own/remember one?
  2. I would choose the betty over the silverado, especially as you covetted it last year too. The prices of them at the moment make it a great bag for the money imo :smile:
  3. i love the silverado, but for work and other stuff too :p, definitely the betty!!!
  4. I'd say the Betty...
  5. Id go for a betty. I have the medium betty and a silverado but Betty is the best. I also love my Paddy's and Olllie which is very roomy.
    Hope you get the Betty you want from NAP. My girlfriend bought the ivory Betty and loves it even though she thought it was white,lol.
  6. I have the ivory/blanc Betty and I love mine. I'd go for the Betty, its classic and understated! :smile:
  7. I remembered that Chloe did produced black python silverado.

    SILVERADO... I love python silverados.
  8. OMG! I want a black python silverado. Mine is beige but iuse it as much as the others i have. But a black would be my dream come true:tup:. I eat and sleep this handbag. Ive got lots of Chloe handbags but i want a black Python. My hubby said if i find one i can have it but i guess he is saying it because they are no longer around,lol.
  9. Hi - I have the Betty and am not sure that I love it. I think that the python bag is likely to have much more soul.
  10. Yes! Black Python was produced in the Silverado style probably a couple years ago when I bought my green python.
    Beautiful bag, not sure if you'd want to use it as a work bag?
  11. Right, friend sent a photo through of the Silverado for me, but I'm really unsure...so just spent half an hour (and finished a bottle of wine) trying to upload the darn photo to get your opinions with no luck....therefore I've uploaded it via this link...


    (I will eventually delete that!)

    Tell me what you think as the vote seems to be split so far...
  12. its cute but I don't like the brass buttons!
  13. Hmmm - it would be nicer with different hardware but it has style.

    ...but why limit your choice to just these two? NAP is full of Chloe. LVR has very good deals.

    I have just taken all my stuff out of my new Paddy, put it into my unused Betty from NAP and posed around in front of the mirror.

    I love all the pockets on the Betty but the leather is rather boring. Have you seen this bag in real life with the tissue paper taken out? It is no longer box shaped. The top panel is really stiff and when you wear it the ends flatten and stick out like big ears. I hope that it is going to soften down but I am concerned that it won't.

    I have a pen friend with the white one who loves it but maybe the white leather is softer. I would never have guessed that the black one was a posh bag. I think that it looks and feels a bit cheap. The leather ties on the ring pulls certainly stick out and odd angles and look pretty naff.

    Which Mulberry did you buy instead of this last time? I suspect that it was a better choice (even if is a bit mad, with silly pockets and fasteners, like they tend to be). Rule of thumb - if you can resist something once - there was a reason.

    If you have to have one of these, I would try to find a very cheap authentic Betty (the NAP is still too expensive for what you will get) or take the python. I have heard that the Silverados are going out of production, so this bag is going to start feeling more unique.
  14. "quote=Jenova...but why limit your choice to just these two? quote=Jenova"

    Must admit I wanted another Chloe...and it was hard enough getting it down to two, believe me!

    "quote=Jenova. I love all the pockets on the Betty but the leather is rather boring. quote=Jenova"

    I am a certified pocket addicted!!

    "quote=Jenova. Have you seen this bag in real life with the tissue paper taken out? It is no longer box shaped. quote=Jenova"

    Haven't yet, but she's had it for a while and says the pockets are quite stiff but, like my other large silverado, the bottom of the bag sags a bit.

    "quote=Jenova. Which Mulberry did you buy instead of this last time? quote=Jenova"

    I got the Cylinder Buckle bag in Oak
  15. ^^^messed up the quotes there, sorry guys!