Which Should I Buy The URSULA or the Marilyn??

  1. I need to pick between the URSULA or the Marilyn.. I love the MC especially during the spring summer time. I like big bags like the URSULA but then again I also like medium bags.. Which one do you guys think is better.:confused1::graucho:
  2. I say Ursula, but what is up with those yellow "auth" cards? : /
  3. I bought the white Ursula a couple of weeks ago and had to return it --- it's huge and it was hard (at least for me) to get in and out of because of that buckled strap. Plus when I put my stuff in the bag, it was really heavy. The Ursula is a beautiful bag, no doubt --- nearly killed me to return it, but saw a Rita to replace it so I am okay now.

    The Marilyn is adorable. Tough decision, but if I had to decide between the Ursula or the Marilyn, then I would choose the Ursula (again!) because the Marilyn is really a small bag. Good luck!!
  4. Yes, the Ursula is huge and the Rita even huger. When I saw them in real life I was so shocked because online they look like they should be cute dainty bags. They're so not. I am not much of a fan of Marilyn. If you really want to get one of the new MCs get the Ursula.
  5. I like Ursula.
  6. I prefer the Ursula
  7. I say the ursula and maybe even the rita. something about the marilyn bugs me. and yea, i agree with michelle, what's up with those big yellow cards?
  8. I prefer the Ursula
  9. as much as i like the name marilyn, i would have to go with the ursula.
  10. Michelle1025, those are pictures of fake bags from Ioffer..:sad:
  11. Yah, something was off.
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I vote for the ursula, as long as its authentic.
  14. Ouch. maybe the OP didn't know? but either way - ick, get them off! :push:
  15. Get the Ursula, but not from iOffer. :yucky: