Which should I buy, '05 turqouise twiggy or '07 aqua city?

  1. Here is the dilemma, I have the opportunity to buy an '05 (still brand new, not used) turqouise twiggy or an '07 aquamarine rh city. Which to choose.... I have : FB city, vert d' eau city and a truffle city. WHat do you all think?:shrugs: :shrugs:
  2. Have you ever tried the Twiggy on and looked at how the shape suits you? I love the shape but it seems to look very different depending on body shape, height, etc...so that would be a big factor for me.
  3. 05 Twiggy! You cannot beat the leather on the older bags
  4. I would say the o5 turq... but it seems like you really like the city style
  5. '05 turquoise Twiggy, for the leather and the color. No contest, IMO.
  6. Can you see yourself carrying a Twiggy, realistically? If so, I would choose the Twiggy because that Turquoise '05 color is so special. The Aqua '07 is much more toned down.
  7. Is there a large price variation? For the same price, it would be worth trying for the 05 twiggy.
  8. ITA! Go for the '05 Turq.:yes:
  9. that is a tough one - i just sold my grey twiggy. i LOVED the color, hated the style. i know the older leathers are a lot better, richer color, etc., but i've heard nothing but great things about the aqua...

    it all depends on your style and how much you put in your bag, how you like to carry it, etc.

    i found the twiggy to be a hard bag to pull off, but others love it. i think either one will make you happy, but go for the one that fits your needs the best.

    good luck - i hate having to decide. my mind says "get both!" but sometimes the wallet disagrees...
  10. humm...turquoise city!! haha!

    Can you still purchase old colors in stores?? I'm confused...(Balenciaga newb)
  11. Hands down 05' Turq for sure. Certain colors look better in different styles and turq/twiggy
    is a STUNNING combo.
  12. i for one cannot carry a twiggy. looks terrible on me. but the city is much better. tough call.
  13. Turquoise twiggy is the one......i own this color before in city...the older leather is definitely stunning than the newer one.....:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  14. the turquoise! it's such a beautiful color.

    ps, just had to tell you your collection sounds amazing! FB, vert d'eau AND truffle! :smile: