Which should be my next LV

  1. Girls,
    I have a speedy Monogram 25. I love the speedy style. What is your favorite speedy style. Help me decide. Also, I want to buy before February. Since there is talk of a price increase. :sweatdrop:
    Help me decide girls.
  2. My personal fav (even though I'm not a speedy gal) is the Damier Azur 25. I just think it's soo cute.
  3. Melocoton what is your fav style ? I would love to know:yes:
  4. My fav style right now is the Reade. I just bought one in Amarante several months ago and can't believe how functional it has become for me. It was easy to use while XMas shopping or going to dinner. The open top doesn't make it ideal for a night out, though.
  5. Which color do you have?
  6. If you have a mono 25, you might consider a 30 for your next bag-- I like Mini Lin and Damier Ebene in 30, or you could get an Azur in 25!
  7. i really really like the damier azul in 25 as well! it's just SO cute!! are you looking into buy a bag?? or are accessories ok too?? i think the vernis cles is SO cute and the colors are TDF!! the mini pochette is really cute too!
  8. Damier ebene speedy 25!!! Classy bag and its great dressy or casual!
  9. get the azur... you have one brown speedy allready get the different color... azur is a beautiful bag all seasons. espc sprin summer....
  10. azur 25 or 30.. i kind of wanted one too..
  11. I would suggest Damier Azur ... if your 25 now is the perfect size then, get that. If you want a little bigger and wider opening, then go for the 30.