Which should be my next bag ?


What should be Vikki's next bag ?

  1. BH

  2. Mono Speedy 35

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  1. I just got a black epi speedy 35.. and I'm looking to buy my next bag. Should it be..... the BH or the Speedy 35? I loveeee my speedy [who doesn't?] but I also want a shoulder bag. What do you all think ?
  2. I would go with the BH for something a little different. I love mine.
  3. yep, you need a shoulder bag for sure! so BH!
  4. Thanks for the quick response guys [=
  5. Get the BH; it is really a pretty bag!
    My son's girlfriend purchased one recently and it looks fab on her!
  6. Ok another question.. should I get one and then the other.. I should I just save up the money to get both at the same time ?? [=
  7. I voted BH, I always like variety...
  8. If you could save up the money to get both, then do it! Then two times the fun! But if you can only get one, get the BH!
  9. Thanks lvdreamer.. I think I will just save up both.. I've seen the BH IRL but never tried it on so I hope it looks ok !
  10. for me,I won't take BH,because i don't think it is nice,I will get the other.....
  11. bh!!!!!
  12. Its not a choice BUT I just got the Tivoli GM and it is the perfect bag. Has inside pockets and cell pocket, plus a nice wide zipper opening, and adjustable straps. This is a must have for anyone that needs a shoulder bag.
  13. Nah im not into the Tivoli so much .. thnx tho !
  14. Veelyn, I'm SO sorry so late on this - I see you bought a 35 - congratulations!!!! I found the USB cord for my phone just now - so here's the pic I promised anyways! Again sorry!

  15. Not a fan of the BH:nogood: ( not into open top bags and the straps kept falling off my shoulders when I tried it at the store a few times) If you really need a shoulder bag, I would suggest the tivoli GM but then you're not into it. So I vote for another speedy 35!