Which should be my first??

  1. Vernis Reade PM or something monogram? Another question..on elux it only shows the vernis in 4 different colors..if I go to the boutique will they have other colors available? Thanks
  2. I think they come out with dif. vernis colors every season or so. So whatever is available on eLux or vuitton.com are the current colors. To answer your Q about what should you get first, I suggest something you'll use often! It makes no difference if it's mono or vernis.
  3. i agree with irene, think about which style you'll use the most. it doesn't really matter which must came first :P
    good luck!
  4. Aww YAY I'm so happy you're getting your first LV Pursefanatic!! :heart: And hmm I ended up choosing monogram for my first LV because the canvas is pretty durable. Vernis scares me just because it's more delicate.. and I'm always so paranoid about getting my purses dirty that I think I would never end up using it if I bought one :lol:
  5. I've seen the lavender vernis on ebay I really love the color..don't know if it's real or fake. I'm not buying from ebay anyways directly from the boutique. I want to actually see the bags in person just in case I have a change of heart.
  6. eBay isn't so bad if you know what you are looking for. Some bags don't hold their resale value too well so you can luck out and get two bags for the price of one! Go to the store, try the bags on, see how they feel, etc. so you know what to expect if you do end up buying one off eBay. All three of my Noes were purchased on eBay. All three cost just a little over the price of one and you should see the condition they were in - practically brand new (esp. the one my SIL bought me for my anniversary)!:nuts::yahoo:
  7. I have to agree with Irene, If you dont mind use and can find one that is in great condition why not save a little $$ that can be used towards your second lv :smile:

    My first was bought off ebay and i love it! It would be hard for me to replace that bag.
  8. ^ If I try ebay, I'll post in authenticate this! b/c I know I will need you alls help.
  9. I suggest getting your first from the LV store, just so you can see and touch everything in person, and find out what you like best. Plus it's fun!
  10. Get something that matches with everything and that you will use everyday. Be sure that you looove it!
  11. :nuts: get something that you'll LOVE :love: you cant go wrong with mono or vernis
  12. Yes, ditto!!
  13. Some boutiques still have other colors avail(you can call the 866 number to find out which locations have disc Vernis colors left---one PFer was able to find Indigo!:heart: ). I think it would be a good idea to go to the boutique for your first one so you can try different styles on and see what suits you best. If you can't go in person, check out the Visual Aids thread. It has tons of pics with members modeling their LVs so you can get an idea of how each bag may look on you should you decide to order from Elux. In the end, I suggest going with the bag that you fall in love with--the one that would look best on you and suit your wardrobe/lifestyle the best be it Monogram or Vernis Reade. :yes:
  14. i find that vernis get dirtied easily. and the material is really hard to maintain. So i think the monogram will be a better investment. You'll always wanna keep your first LV bag~