Which should be my first LV?


Res Ipsa Loquitur
Dec 11, 2006
Hey everyone,
I am brand new here and have read everything I can but I still cant decide which LV I want from my hubby for X-mas. This will be my first, which I am so excited about!!!
I have narrowed down the choices to three bags: Popincourt mono, Sonatine mono, or Reade pm noisette vernis. What do ya'll think? I know I need a classic mono but I like the flash of the vernis.
Hmmm... you've narrowed it down to 3 different sizes. The Sonatine can't really fit that much.

The Reade PM is soooooooo small IRL, but can fit quite a bit.

I say go for the Popincourt Haut. :biggrin:
I wouldn't go for vernis for my first LV if I were you. You have to be very careful with colour transfer and if you get biro on the vernis it never comes out :sad:, also the reade is TINY and its hand-held, so you get the double whammy of the straps darkening/dirtying very quickly, especially if you use a lot of creams/lotions/oils.

I would go for the popincourt out of those 3 choices. But to be honest I would rather choose damier for a first LV bag. you don't have to worry about going out in the rain or whether your hands are totally lotion free before picking up the bag, like you do with the naked leather on the monogram bags.

I suppose it all depends on whether you want a going out bag or an everyday bag, you really should go to LV and try them all on, the pics can be deceptive especially when it comes to sizes.

Make sure you learn how to look after the naked vanchetta on LV bags before buying one and seal it with something prior to use, otherwise it can look pretty gross - real quick!

My first LV was a monogram noe and I didn't have a clue about naked leather before that, the leather is now a very dark brown colour and the bottom is very dirty. it still looks great to be honest - but not as great as it would have, had I known how to care for it properly.
my first LV bag is the Damier Speedy 30 :yes: i know alot of people might have that bag but it really fits alot and the dark color makes it easier to hide the use of the bag. plus its less than $800 ;)
I love my Pop Haut better than other "everyday" LV bags I have had (Pop Long, Viva Cite, Croissant MM). It is so comfortable to wear, fits my essentials, but can still stuff it on the occaisions I need to, it can be held, carried on your forearm or shoulder, and love the look of it. If you can go to the boutique and try some on, it makes a big difference in deciding. Check out eluxury for bags in your price range, make a list, and have fun shopping!!
Happy Holidays!
Well, I went to the Dallas LV and tried on a bunch of bags. I finally decided on the red epi speedy!!! I am so in love! I got sick the day after Christmas so I havent been able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked but it is fabulous. The epi line is so gorgeous in person. Thanks for the opinions everbody.