Which should be my 1st chanel?

  1. Decisions! Decisions! I can't believe what a difficult shopper I am - I think too much.
    I'm trying to decide on my very first chanel. Should it be a distressed caviar hybrid 10" x 6" with mademoiselle lock and bijoux chain or a jumbo caviar classic with silver hardware? I saw the jumbo at the Chanel boutique and my first thought was - that's too big. Help me please.... I am a Mum with 3 kids (if that helps) and my other bags include Balenciaga twiggy and step, Miu Miu coffer frame bag....
  2. does it have to be a flap?
    With kids a tote may be a more practical option:shrugs:
  3. I second the tote idea, a grand shopping tote is a very classic peice and holds alot. GL!
  4. Well, I have enough bags to fit in my kids stuff already. I really wanted a bag just for me. But I do like the mademoiselle tote....Oh no, more to choose from:nuts:
  5. if you think the jumbo is too big, get the MM bijoux..

    First impression counts..
  6. i had the same delema. i also have two small kids. but if you think about it your kids are not going to be small forever! i think a classic med flap is a good first chanel purchase. i had to go back 3x nm coz i was unsure of what to get as my first chanel. i first baught a vinyl flap and though vinyl look cheap and might tear with prolonged use, then i exhanged it for the classic flap in a goldish silver color and thought- i might get tired of this and the finish looked kind of cheap, then finally i went back for the last time today and got the classic cav med flap in the beige w/ gold hw and i love it. :drool::yes:
    well good luck on your purchase. dont forget to post pix of it so we can all see it. i still have to post mine! :smile:
  7. Hey everyone!!!
    I received my first chanel today!!!! :wlae:
    I bought it on eBay (worry) and was scared it'll get lost in the mail (worry!! worry!!) but it 's here. My heart is still racing. I've taken it out, touched it and smelt it.....It's the medium distressed caviar hybrid and it's beeooouutiful. Will post pictures later.
    Now onto getting my next Chanel !!! (the bug has bitten) :nuts:
    Thanks for all your advice and authenticity help.
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics! What color did you get?
  9. It's black but looks really dark grey.
  10. Congrats!
  11. Ok, here are the pictures.
    DSCN0597.JPG DSCN0598.JPG
  12. Can I say, I think there's something wrong with me? Even though I've got this gorgeous bag, at the back of my mind, I'm starting to think of the next bag that I should get. Jumbo flap with classic chain, mademoiselle tote......goodness, the list of wantings is endless. Somebody knock some sense into me.....:noggin:
  13. haha....i'm with you as i'm also hopeless. My wanted list is never ending. After buying one, im thinkin another one:graucho:

    I wuld go for flap bag as it's the most classic bag....which u never goes wrong:heart: