Which shoes?

  1. I need a pair of shoes for this dress my other dressy shoes don't work

    I really like these one's which do you think?

    The purple with the flower are gorgeous they sparkle like crazy but most of my gong out clothes are black or red so I don't knwo how much wear they'll get other than this dress
    The ivory version are maybe a bit weddinging so the other option is the slingback which are hot but I like the flower style better

    so seeing as I'm incapable of making a decision what do you think?



    and shoes
    Flower Purple.jpg Flower Ivory.jpg slingback silver.jpg
  2. I like the silver slingbacks. They're really cute and I think they're more versatile. Also, since the dress seems to have some embellishments already, the flower shoes might be a bit too much.
  3. another vote for the silver slingbacks! so hot! (love the limelight too ;))
  4. Either of the flowered ones, they look more versatile and sophisticated.
  5. Silver slingbacks...

    By the way, who makes your clutch? It's adorable!
  6. its the new LV limelight!
  7. I love all of them.. I'm no help haha. I think I'd probably go with the purple flower ones or the silver slingbacks, I can't decide between the two.
  8. I vote for the silver slingback.... gorgeous dress!
  9. :tup: thanks I love it looks really good with casual clothes too.
  10. I really like the purple flowered ones! And as for their versatility, dont forget that purple is such a hot color this season! You could totally rock it with black, red, yellow, blue, white, grey- almost anything!
  11. I love those purple flower ones!!! TDF!!!! I totally agree with boslvuton they really could work with anything...
  12. Silver! Are you going to carry that clutch? I think you will get more use out of the silver. You will look very sharpe!! have a great time!
  13. The silver slings or the ivory unles the shoes are a really close match to the dress. I still think it might be to matchy.
  14. I like the purple! Silver would be good too. But the purple seems like a perfect match.
  15. Well, the silver slingbacks would definitely look great, but the dress is special, not to mention the LV..maybe you should just go for the whole shebang and get those glorious purple ones..(sorry, I'm no help if you want practical advice regarding shoes.. I buy outfits to match them..)