Which shoes would you pick?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've been looking for a pair of black ballet flats for a couple of months now and I finally came across these two on zappos.com. They're both Steve Madden (it's all I can afford! but for handbags...that's a different story!) the ones with the bow are $55 and the ones without is $90. I've never spent more than $70 on a pair of shoes so I'm kinda leaning towards the $55 ones...but I think the $90 ones look a little better. What do you guys think? I really really need a pair of black flats to go with everything...thanks for reading!

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  2. I prefer the ones with the bows.
  3. The pair on the right.
  4. The ones with the bows are cute....you can also try Target. I think they have similar for about $15.
  5. The ones with the bow, they're pretty cute !
  6. I'm just chiming in with everyone else - I def. like the bows the best.
  7. i like the 2nd pair
  8. I actually like the first pair.
  9. I'd like to see them in person...but I think the first pair looks like it's better made. I like the 1st pair, too.
  10. i like the second pair - they remind me of ballet shoes! :smile:
  11. The ones with the bows are sooo adorable..
  12. I like the 1 with the bows.
  13. thank you for all of your suggestions! I ordered the ones with the bows!! yaaay!!!
  14. The ones with the bows look like they go with more...
  15. The pair with the bow, the 2nd one and the one of the right!