Which shoes with this dress?

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  1. I posted about this in wardrobe, but didn't get any replies. I'm looking for shoes to wear with this dress during the holiday season. Which shoes do you like best for this dress? Or do you have any other suggestions? TIA! :heart:
    reddress.JPG praline.jpg judy.jpg
  2. Red is a tricky color for me. I would only wear the red shoes if they were an exact match in color.

    Otherwise, heres my suggestion. Choose either white gold jewelry and wear silver pumps/strappys.....or choose gold jewelry and wear gold tone pumps/strappys.
  3. Honestly, I would wear a gold shiny strappy heel with a gold clutch. I never cared for black or red with red. Gold makes the red pop. Plus those red shoes you have shown are too chunky for that dress. You need something danty in my opinion. But if I were you...go with gold.
  4. Ohhh, pretty dress! :heart: I personally wouldn't do red shoes with a red dress, because I'd want the focus to be on the dress. :heart: I think a metallic heel would be pretty, either gold or silver, otherwise I would do a pretty black sandal or heel with jeweled detailing. :flowers:
  5. Since its such a sexy dress, I would go with strappy gold heels with a gold clutch. The black close toe shoes make its kind of boring and the red is too matchy (plus you don't know if you're going to be getting the same shade of red). If you want to be really festive I would go with some metallic green strappy heels.
  6. Definitely gold heels, I agree with the other ladies
  7. I agree with the other post. Gold would look chic. Black with black is one thing, but head to toe red, not good. Plus, there are never the same shade. Go for the gold girl!
  8. I agree with the other fabulous ladies. A gold sandal is the way to go. Definitely don't want to be too matchy matchy! I've attached two options that I would go with if I were you :smile:
    the first is the A. Marinelli 'Rella' Sandal at Nordstrom for $95 and the second (& my fave) is the J. Reneé 'Stellar' Sandal for $155
    Happy Holidays! :smile:

    _5496254.jpg _5446950.jpg
  9. Thanks for the replies ladies!

    I couldn't get a good picture of the dress! Gold/strappy was my first thought too, but I can't seem to find anything I like.

    I knew the black ones wouldn't look great, I was just looking for an excuse to buy them because I love them :p I think Stinas is right that they would be too clunky. The red ones are the exact right shade, but it would be very matchy as some of you already said...

    If you see any more cute gold shoes, feel free to post pics/links!!! Thanks again! :heart: