which shoes got you noticed the most?

  1. Here are the two pairs that got me noticed the most...wherever I wear them to, people cannot stop mentioning and complimenting them to me:yahoo:......

    Especially the bright yellow metallic leather stillettos...I love wearing them under jeans.....

    which are the shoes that got "YOU" noticed the most? :confused1: Let's share~!!!!!!!!!!
    shoes that got me noticed the most!.JPG shoes that got me noticed the most!2.JPG
  2. These for me!
  3. [​IMG]
    I have these in black patent. they were a big hit when i worked the Emmy red carpet.
  4. I wear Louboutins 5 days out of 7 lol and they usually get compliments from strangers. :amuse: People compliment me the most on my Louboutin Lady Gres.

  5. For the past 6 months it's been Louboutin "Super Wallis" Mary-Jane platform, "Isado" slingback, "Pigalle" leopard pony hair pump, and "Gabine" nude cork/gold slingback
  6. My black patent CL Decolletes :love:
  7. Ooh, I love both of these, who makes them?

    The ones that get me the most notice are the same pair as your second one, only in shiny silver. They look so hot, especially with a black skirt or dark blue skinny jeans.
  8. My Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse shoes.
  9. What do you do to get to do that???:drool:
  10. Yummy shoes girls!!
  11. My silver CL Miminettes
  12. i work in entertainment pr, so i walk my tv and film talent down the red carpet for interviews.
  13. Pretty shoes, girls~!!!! Love the glittery heels~!
  14. ...well at work, these...Prada platform mary janes! They are fabulous with dress slacks or skinny jeans!

  15. For me its my extreme ballet mary janes!