Which shoes go with this dress?

  1. I was planning on ordering this dress in deep purple. I need ideas on which shoes to wear. Silver or gold are the first colors that come to mind but I don't have them in my closet at the moment and don't really want to buy a pair of shoes. Does anyone have other ideas? Is there a neutral that might work? TIA.

  2. I think a cream/beige would work, or another bright color. Gorgeous dress BTW!
  3. I think silver or gold for sure! That is what came to mind straight away. With a matching hand bag! DARLING!
  4. Great idea. I have a pair of red pumps that might work if I keep everything else toned down...
  5. I love purple with a great bright red or yellow... hmm... Yellow and purple, darn my LSU friendS!
  6. Red would go very well! I have a dress of a similar shade and also silk jersey, I paired it with deep red patent heels and a burgundy choker (string of beads I got from Target-- not the cheap looking ones, they actually looked expensive!) to match the shoes and I think it looked very chic! Wore it to the office and I had compliments all day! Since the dress and shoes are plain, the colors are what make the outfit interesting! :tup:
  7. Oh, and I would keep the bag in black or a very neutral color-- otherwise it may be too matchy-matchy...
  8. My foolproof choice would be a strappy bronze shoe.

    If not, depends on where you go. Red would work if wherever you're wearing this dress to is fun or younger or funkier. If more conservative, I'd go with a taupe-family shoe.
  9. ZoeyZoo, I really love this dress, especially the color. I agree with the others, probably a gold or silver would be my 1st choice, even the bronze as fatefullotus suggested. The red would definitely be fun too! I guess I am of no more help, I basically just came in to tell you I love the dress. LOL
  10. Thank you ashakes.

    The problem is I don't have metallic heels or sandals at the moment. I only have a pair of bronze flats. I think flats will make it look dowdy.

    Here's what they look like:

    Does anyone think snakeskin sandals would work too? Here's a pic of what I have...

  11. I wouldn't do flats with that dress, but that's just me. I'm a heels kind of girl though. I don't know if I care for the snakeskin with the dress, but I'm really one that has to see things in person. I have a tough time visualizing outfits. lol

    Does anybody object to black patent? How about a nude colored shoe? Ummmm, the easiest would be a gold/silver and I really think you will find that you will be able to wear them with other things, like jeans. If you have the means, I say invest in a cute pair of gold/silver shoes.
  12. I'm a sucker for silver, and especially silver with purple! It's just.. the best contrast ever? Haha. I suggest some silver pumps.

    As for black patent as suggest above, I don't think it's enough of a contrast, it may look weird. And especially not red oh em gee :|
  13. I think the snakeskin are cute! :smile: Yeah, I'm not feeling the flats. :biggrin:
  14. You know, now that I rethink the red stuff---- it might make you look like one of those red hat society ladies-- know who Im talking about?
  15. I think metallics would be just beautiful with that dress... silver would be fab, but gold or bronze would be really nice too! If not, a patent neutral shoe (nude, cream with some interest to it, etc.) would be a really pretty option, and as far as colors go, I LOVE yellow accessories with eggplant or purple... it's so chic and unexpected, but of course, it all depends on when and where you are wearing the dress. :smile: