Which shoes go better?

  1. So I wore this outfit last night with Decolletes, but also played around with Rolandos. I cant decide which pair goes better with this top. Opinions? :smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. As much as I love wine Rolandos, I think black Decolettes would look more sexier. :yes: There's more of a contrast. Red might look to matchy with the pink of the shirt. Dark colored outfits look so great with wine Rolandos..it's a pop of color. :amuse: You look great!!
  3. I like the black Decollettes better with that outfit.
  4. I voted for the black. Cute outfit!
  5. Definitely the black Decolletes!
  6. Always bet on Black ;)
  7. Yeah, I like the black Decolletes better.
  8. black
  9. decolletes!
  10. Definitely the Decolletes.... the red is a little off for the top. You look great!
  11. Another vote for the black!
  12. ITA with Priiin. Love the Rolandos but with that out fit the Decolletes are it!
  13. with this outfit I like the black ones best.
  14. Hi! I vote decollete as it looks as though your blouse is the key piece...I tend to choose outfits that allow my Red Rolando's to 'steal the show'...:yes:
  15. I agree with majority so far, decolletes for sure. The black looks better with the top.