which shoes for a garden wedding?


Which shoes for a garden wedding?

  1. yellowbox "idol" jeweled flats

  2. j. renee "monica" beaded slides

  3. two lips "bella" glitter ballet flats

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  1. I'll be getting married outdoors in a garden, in April. Stiletto heels are out, for safety reasons and because I really don't want to sink in and aerate the lawn with each step! I thought about wearing wedges, but I want to be able to look up to my sweetie at the altar. I may go barefoot, but just in case it's chilly, I want to have shoes to wear. So, I'm left with flats.

    My dress is rose-pink with silver accents - you can see it by clicking here - so I will want silver shoes instead of white. Here are the shoes I am considering:

    yellowbox idol jeweled flats

    j. renee monica beaded slides

    two lips bella glitter ballet flats

    Thoughts, preferences, additional suggestions?

  2. First off, OMG gorgeous dress! I love how you didn't do the whole "same old, same old" traditional thing. I think the yellowbox flats would be beautiful with it! Good luck with your wedding! And I do hope you post pics of how you look on your special day :smile:
  3. I am voting for the glitter ballet flats but then I am a ballet flat kind of girl - just love them.

    Your dress is super pretty - I hope you will have a great day.
  4. Wow, thank you! My fiance is actually the one who picked out the dress - he's a wonderful fashion consultant. I'd already tried on about a dozen dresses when he suggested this one. I never would have tried it, it didn't look like anything on the hanger, but on a real person with some curves...well...when he saw me in it, his eyes popped out of his head :drool: and I knew it was the one. I have a little glittery tiara to wear with it too...hope I can pull everything off. Thanks for your good wishes!
  5. HOT dress!!!

    i'd like this shoe to go with although i don't think it will shows under this big flowy dress :p

  6. I love your dress! I think any of those shoes would look pretty.
  7. Thanks for all the dress compliments! My sweetie says it looks better on me than on the model, because I don't have to contort my body to give the dress some shape. I dunno about that, but at least I will be smiling. Doesn't that model look unhappy?

    Seahorseinstripes, I think you're right - whatever shoes I wear will just stick out a little at the toes, when I walk.
  8. I love that dress, pretty! I like the glittery shoes best. (3) :smile: You will look gorgeous!
  9. BEAUTIFUL DRESS!! Congrats!
  10. gorgeous dress! we need a wedding forum!!! vlad!! hehe.
    i vote number 3, good luck with all the rest of your planning!
  11. If you really would like to wear stiletto heels - I have a little trick you can use to keep from sinking in - PM me and I'll tell you about it.
  12. I would like to wear heels, but I don't want to tower over my sweetie on our wedding day. He's taller than I am, but when I wear heels we're about eye-to-eye.

    I'm still going to PM you though, I'd love to know the trick! :yes: