Which shoes does Mr CL wear?

  1. Looking through the 'CL Outfit' thread today it dawned on me that mens shoes are not and probably never will be as stunningly attractive as ladies :sad:. That comment is also true of ladies clothing.

    So I wonder which brand of shoe Mr CL wears and whether he has ever thought of doing a range for men?

    I have recently purchased four pairs of shoes for myself but although they are all quality brands (two are by old established English shoe makers) they just don't have the same flair that ladies designer shoes have :nogood:.

    Photos below are:
    (1) Kurt Geiger Trainers (2) Bally Brown Loafers (3) Barkers Black Tie Ups and (4) Foster & Sons Black Slip ons.

    Foster & Sons also do bespoke pairs at £1,400 :nuts:
    Kurt Geiger Trainers.jpg Bally Loafers.jpg Barkers Tie Ups.jpg Foster & Sons.jpg
  2. I'm sure there's a picture floating around somewhere of Mr L wearing a pair of Louboutins ! lol
  3. He might make his own shoes! :idea:
  4. Does any one know where that picture is?
  5. Gr, I'm in the office now and I can't remember which thread it is in. :push: I found it and re-posted it a little while ago.
  6. on his website under the news section you will find a photo of him under the article for Marie Claire France "L'homme aux semelles rouge". They are not mens shoes if thats what you were hoping for :shame:
  7. I'm not sure what you think but if you do think they suit him I can assure you that they certainly will not suit me :nogood:.

    It's a pity he does not do a mans collection as I'm sure he would give them a bit of flair, which brings us back to my original comments.
    Mr CL.gif
  8. Yes! That's the picture!:lol:
  9. Make that five pairs as today I added Brown Barker (custom grade) Ties Ups to the list.

    Men often find womans shoes sexy but what do woman think about mens shoes, if anything ;)
    Brown Barker 1.jpg Brown Barker 2.jpg

  10. As long as a man is wearing nice shoes that aren't funky or don't look goofy, I don't notice much. I did work with an attorney recently and I looked down and noticed he had these sort of strange pointy toed shoes on. Another time I noticed a guy had a hole worn in the bottom of the shoe. And let's not even talk about the deposition I took where someone had stinky feet! But usually I don't notice much. All of yours look nice to me.
  11. umm I find womens shoes and especially heels VERY sexy but I am not a man *lol*. Hopefully I dont sound too weird but womens shoes are a fetish for me in the true meaning of fetish.

    Honestly though I will be impressed if a man is into his shoes and more especially his overall attire.
  12. Lol, he is probably making himself really comfy shoes.:p
  13. I honestly dont really notice. As long as they are clean and dont have a hole in them, they're fine with me. They're either black, brown, grey etc...there isn't really a male shoe equivalant of, say, the show stopping electric blue Rolando :lol:
  14. For men...I love Gucci & Ferragamo shoes.
    I agree that Louboutin should branch out into mens shoes too. It would be interesting to see how they would look.
  15. Your shoes really look very nice. My hubby isn't into fashion he likes to look nice but prefers by far comfort, basically I buy his shoes.
    Mostly Tod's, Paraboot, Weston...and the unavoidable Timberland (he takes the motobike to work) Now I think he would love a pair of Berluttis but would never spend as much for shoes unlike his SO :shame: