Which shoes are you wearing this winter?

  1. Hey girls,

    so the question is which shoes do you wear this winter season?!

    I think uggs are always very comfy but what is the It-shoe or boot this winter?
    I mean shoes like the uggs and mukluks.
    What do we have this winter?
  2. CL black leather boot for me :heart:
  3. Coach "Jessica" Shearling for my funky
    Or my new black wedge boots!

    Oh and I do have a few new collections of booties, from Miss Sixty, Charles David and Antik Denim!
    Jessicamy.jpg Bootsbv.jpg antixuptownsmall.jpg Misssixty.jpg charlesCDavid.jpg
  4. I'm finally going to get a pair of Uggs. I know a lot of people say they are passe (or just downright ugly!) but I love them. When we go up north to visit FH's family around Christmas my feet always freeze, so I figure that will be a good solution! :smile:
  5. I just ordered some Frye motorcycle boots. Now I need to find some cute knee high boots to wear with skirts and dresses.
  6. I generally wear boots in the winter. I want to find a cute pair of wedge boots this winter.
  7. I was thinking about this the other day, I still can't bring myself to buy uggs...
  8. i bought a pair of slouchy flat fornarina boots last winter that look fantastic with skinny jeans tucked in or with tights and dresses/skirts/long sweaters. Sure enough I walked into Neimans and found the SAME style from bettye muller for 5x the cost!

  9. Oops! Returning the Charles David (leopard prints); "Made in China"!
  10. I haven't given it much thought yet other than I like some of the Choo and CL short boots/booties/whatever you call them. But where i live "winter" is a ways off.
  11. I'll always love my uggs
  12. I wish I bought Frye boots last winter. I really like the slouchy ones I recently saw.

    Defaintly another pair of uggs, not sure which yet, I get a different pair every season. I'm thinkin taller ones.

    Lacoste snowflake boots, I bought these last season and loved them.

    Micheal Kors has some amazing stacked heels and also those Mukluks are super cute. Like after a cold day at the ski hill or something.