Which shoes are this?

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  1. Are this the grey rolandos? they look kinda white to me??

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  2. Those look like the light grey Gwenissima, to me.
  3. I second that!
  4. So you're kind of right, considering that the Rolando is the more walkable, consumer-friendly version of the Gwenissima (which was mostly used for runway, at least in that heel height).
  5. They are actually an original design for the Roland Mouret runway two years ago. Afterwards Louboutin produced the Gwenissimas and Rolandos for his own line

  6. ^ wow...Posh dressed modestly for once! David must have dressed her as she said in an interview that he hates it when she's wearing outfits that leave nothing to the imagination to put it nicely (aka skirts WAY too short, underwear sticking out, boobs up to her neck).