Which shoe should I wear with this cocktail dress?

  1. I will be attending my company's award banquet at our National Sales Meeting this weekend and I am undecided which shoe to wear with my cocktail dress.

    The Casadei are black patent t-strap with white linen. The Christian Louboutins are black patent t-strap. Since the fabric on the Casadei is linen, should it only be worn in the summer? Our sales meeting is in Florida if it makes a difference. I am on the fence because the black/white Casadei is stunning with the dress, but I hesitate because of the white linen (or is that old school). On the other hand, you know how we all feel about the CLs.

    Honest opinion....I already own both of these shoes, but they haven't been worn yet. THANKS!!!
    IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1768.JPG IMG_1760.JPG IMG_1763.JPG
  2. i love your dress! it looks like it's from philip lim? :graucho: hehe i'll go with the 2nd option - T bar CLs. i am obviously partial here but they def do look a lot better with the cocktail dress than the casadei (looks too formal and more for work than cocktail events IMO).
  3. definately the CLs and not because I am partial to CL but If the dress was simpler then I would have picked the casadeis but they are a bit too busy for such a dress.

    Do tell more about the dress I am dying to know!!!!! its gorgeous!
  4. BCBG black-white dress.jpg
  5. CL's get my vote 2:tup:. Your dress is beautiful and I'm so jealous of your white sheet/comforter. I have always wanted to have my bed all in white, unfortunally I can't because of my 5 year old and BF, not very clean...lol :smash: :lecture: :noggin:
  6. I like both, but the CL's for me because the other shoes are too matchy. I do like them though! :yes:
  7. Another vote for the CLs. Looks as if they'll go great with that lovely dress! :nuts:
  8. The CL's. I like the pop of red and I just love them!! Sharpe outfit! What type of awards?? For work??
  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I appreciate all of your opinions. I tend to get to "matchy-matchy", so your feedback is great Prinn. I think that the Casadei's will look better with a plain solid dress in black or even red - then they will pop.

    I agree with the consensus, that the CL will look dressier. It is our National Sales Meeting for my company and the awards banquet is dressy. Most of the women wear cocktail dresses that are a little more on the conservative side. Plus, I will be accepting some sales awards on stage during the banquet and the red soles will be perfect!!! Every girl in the room will KNOW..... :drool:
    Listen to this ladies.....I got them on clearance at Saks for $270. :yahoo: I bought them at Saks online for 40% from $770 down to $447. The fit was a little small on my right foot, so I decided to return them a month later to the store. My SA said that it is barely noticable. When she returned them she noticed that they had been marked down and ADDITIONAL 40%. I decided that for $270, I could handle it being a little snug, so I re-bought them for $270. Makes it even sweeter!
  10. I am in sales ,too! new homes, I work for a builder. What do you sell?? My BIL builds up on Lake Norman, mansions!!
  11. Lynn, great deal!! All the women will looove those red heels. :amuse:

    The Casadei's will look great with a solid color dress. They are really cute!
  12. CL Please!!:tup:
  13. I seriously LOVE the CLs with that dress! Perfect match!
  14. I work in surgical sales - orthopedic implants. I need ORTHOTICS for my poor tortured feet!! Lake Norman houses......oooohhh those are amazing. I love drooling at them when I go out on Lake Norman. I want one.....:drool:
  15. Thanks for the compliment. The coverlet is actually pale, pale blue from Restoration Hardward. You know, that silver sage color. It is my spare room so it stays neat and clean. It is rapidly becoming my photography studio for my shoes and bags! Haha Love this forum.