Which shoe looks better with this cocktail dress???

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  1. I will be attending my company's award banquet at our National Sales Meeting this weekend and I am undecided which shoe to wear with my cocktail dress. The Casadei are black patent t-strap with white linen. The Christian Louboutins are black patent t-strap. Since the fabric on the Casadei is linen, should it only be worn in the summer? Our sales meeting is in Florida if it makes a difference. THANKS!!!
    IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1768.JPG IMG_1760.JPG IMG_1763.JPG
  2. they are both beautiful.. the first is more work-ish in my opinion, but i dont think you can go work with either!
  3. I would go for the CL shoes as they are a little more dressy IMO. Both are stunning shoes, but the CLs in all black offer something a little umph! Also the Casadei shoes match almost too well, the white and black match the outfit perfectly and I like to mix it up a little KWIM?
  4. I LOVE the CL's but I have to go with Casadei on this one! I'm from Florida, don't worry too much about them being linen - everything goes in Florida for winters! ;)
  5. DEFINITELY the CL's. The complete look is sleek and sophisticated. Please don't kill me, but I think the black and white shoe with the dress says sunday school teacherish.
  6. ^ I agree and since the event is in Florida I think you could get away definitely with the linen. I think it depends on how dressy the event is... If it is more dressy and fun, go with the CLs. If the event is more corporate and conservative, go with the Casadeis. As far as which looks best with the dress itself, I think they look equally good :shrugs:
  7. I appreciate all of your opinions. I tend to get to "matchy-matchy", so your feedback is great! I think that the Casadei's will look better with a plan solid dress in black or even red - then they will pop.

    I agree, that the CL will look dressier. Plus, I will be accepting some sales awards on stage during the banquet and the red soles will be perfect!!! Every girl in the room will KNOW..... :drool:
    Little do they know that I got them on clearance at Saks for $270. :yahoo: I bought online for 40% from $770 down to $447. The fit was a little small on my right foot, so I decided to return them a month later to the store. My SA said that it is barely noticable. When she returned them she noticed that they had been marked down and ADDITIONAL 40%. I decided that for $270, I could handle it being a little snug, so I re-bought them for $270.
  8. Def the CL's and what an AMAZING DEAL! :drool: That dress is gorgeous BTY. Who makes it?
  9. Lynn, I know the Casadeis aren't CLs, which is why you posted in the regular Glass Slipper forum, but since you posted already in CL, I'll close this thread because it's a duplicate.

    Thanks :smile:
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