Which shoe do you like?? HELP me choose**PICS**

  1. I normally don't post in the Gucci thread but I need help with shoes. I normally buy 1 or 2 shoes at the beginning of the season. Anyways... I need help this time. Which shoe do you like better and which is more practical OR should I buy both LOL.. My SA called me letting me know that both came in my size and I should come see them. (I wear a 5 so its super hard to find shoes) Help me choose.. which do you like??
    Boot.JPG untitled.JPG
  2. Well, the flat is most practical for everyday. Hard to say. Do you wear high heeled boots much? Since they are so different, of course you need both.:jammin:
  3. i love the first
  4. The boots I :heart: but don't know how often I will use. I wear almost all heels b/c I am short...lol... I feel the boots I can only wear in the winter and in Texas we don't get much of a winter. I flats I can wear alot. kwim?
  5. I like the boots. I saw them today in a Gucci boutique and they were very nice. I am also short so I like wearing heels. The flats would be practical year round. I say get both if you can. If that is not possible I say the flats.
  6. Tough choice, but I like the flats a little better
  7. The boots are gorgeous and sexy. But the flats are alot more easy to wear as an everyday shoe. Good luck! thEy are both great items.
  8. The flat
  9. If you can afford both then get them!:dothewave:

    But if you have to choose I'd say the flats. They are more practical!
  10. :heart: the flats :heart:
  11. for the style, i like the boots! but u can't go wrong with buying BOTH of them!
  12. I like the flats a little better
  13. I love the flats!
  14. The boots will be perfect for the fall/winter season which is coming up. But i do love the flats also. I say get them both! Consider it a treat for all your hardwork. :okay:
  15. The boots are hot but not practical if you need to walk a lot. the flats are adorable and shouldn't show dirt too easily thanks to their color. GOod luck choosing!!