Which Shawl?

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  1. I have been dying to get a shawl for some time but I just don't know which one to get. I work in a business casual environment so I would like something that can be paired with dress pants and a plain top as well as with a nice pair of jeans.

    Does anyone have a good suggestion?

    I have been eyeballing the black mono LV shawl but the price point makes me a little nervous. I tend to put all my money into bags and not clothes.

  2. Hi Lisa, as usual, I'll be recommending shops on Etsy. Still looking, but first, how about scarfguy's lovely shawls? His cashmere silk scarves also look beautiful.




    $119 plus shipping


    $119 plus shipping



    $99 plus shipping


    Favourable feedback: :smile:

  3. I like the beige shawl :smile: My advice is: no LV.
    It's a bit too.. in your face, and not business cool. good luck on your hunt!
  4. If you want a shawl that can be used often, then I wouldn't recommend the LV either. I have three of them and they snag easily. I just ordered a cashmere shawl from Kashi cashmere. It's huge and not that expensive. I paid 180€. It's available in black, dark grey and beige.
    I also have one black and one beige cashmere one, which I got from QVC (of all places!). They cost 45GBP and the quality isn't too bad either.
  5. I've got the black LV one, I love it a wear with jeans all the time but it's true it does snag. On the other hand it's very light and very warm at the same time I think it's a good buy but if your still not really sold on the whole shawl idea I would go with a plain general one.

    She how much wear you get out of it and if you find your self loving a shawl then go for something a littel pricier
  6. Thanks for the suggestions!!
  7. LV shawl's great....it's classy and it definitely keeps you warm :smile:
  8. How about burberry?
  9. I would go with the black LV shawl...I have been toying with the idea of one of those myself :smile: