Which shawl? Difficult choice....

Which shawl would you choose?

  • La femme aux semelles de vent in Naturale

  • Royale Tigre in Blue/Naturale

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neutral classic
Sep 4, 2007
Hello fellow tdf'ers, I am about to choose my first shawl and want to see how others think of my selections. Currently I am deciding which one to purchase, given that I can only have one at this time... both are gorgeous, however they are totally different design.:P

First one:

La femme aux semelles de vent in Naturale colorway

Second one:

Royale Tigre in Blue/Naturale colorway

For the first shawl, I like the multiple colorways, it matches very well with lots of different colors. It gives a subtle effect and love the flower patterns, which fits into my boring all dark color wardrobe!

For the second shawl, I like the design, it is very vibrant and love the ferns around the tiger. By looking into the shawl itself it does not give me that "wow" effect however when I have the shawl on, it really looks nice!

Now it all depends on how often I wear it - this is going to be an expensive purchase and I want to make sure I won't regret it. It needs to be a classic design so I can wear it for a long time I will not get tired of the pattern. :P

What do you think? which one you like better, if you only can buy one?


Lyanna Stark

Out of Control
Dec 24, 2006
I voted for tiger, but if the la femme is able to match more outfits, then go for La femme. You may want to ask your SA to hold the tiger after you purchase the La femme. If you are anything like the rest of us, you'll be running back to purchase your 2nd shawl in a few weeks. :P


Oct 31, 2006
i am not a fan of tiger or animal anything as far as outfits are concerned, but as you said, i too was amazed at how well the ferns and lines works when tied. so i am counting on the poor tiger to disappear into the folds when worn.

from my personal experience trying both on, the tigre gives you lines and curves, and the la femme gives you specks and bursts.

it might also depends on how you tend to wear your shawl, draped or tied.

as for colours, i found that there are two ways of looking at it: to match or to compliment. i tend to look for colours which can compliment rather than match, colours which give accent rather than balance my existing colour palette.

i am personally chasing after both tigre and la femme myself :P (but in different colours)
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