Which Sharpey did I see today......Loved it!!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2010
    Had an encounter with a gorgeous Chanel Sharpey bag at the post office today..........description:
    This was a tailored sharpey, in other words the ruching was very neat and tight, it was a north/south bag but not huge nor big, just perfectly proportioned, smaller than a GST. It had double C's stiched on the leather towards the bottom of the bag.they were the perfect size CC's, could not stare anymore since the owner was giving me the evil eye, but I did not see any metal CC's, then Recognized the owner as my Derm's wife, so then I became doubly embarassed and left in a hurry......lol........any info?, I was really taken by this Sharpey......not the wider than taller,loose ruching I have seen posted, nor the huge N/S one.......Could this have been something other than a sharpey.........any bags with horizontal ruching that I have missed.......?......TIA
  2. Sorry i have no idea but this really sounds interesting ;)
  3. :confused1: hmmm- sounds like a beauty
  4. Can't help you out C.. but that's a cute story!
  5. C, you should of snapped spy pics. lol