Which shape bag do you prefer?

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  1. I have 1xtote, 1xCabas, 3x flap, I think I am a flap girl although I really love the Cabas too, what catches your eye?
  2. I'm also a flap girl :cutesy: Love bigger-sized totes too when I need to carry more. Had the cabas but decided it's not really me. Whichever style it is from Chanel, I'm usually drawn to ones that have chain straps.
  3. I love the classic flap the most, but I also like the look of the GST :smile:
  4. Definitely the flap
  5. I also like flaps, I have 4.
  6. Flap > Shoulder Bag / Tote > Handbag, I'm not a big fan of hobos..
  7. I love flaps. They look so good in all the different colors.
  8. I love the flaps! e/w and medium
  9. i love flaps but i seem to be buying the totes rather than flaps cos they can store more stuff and more practical. And i also prefer the classic chains...
  10. I guess I'm mostly a big-bag-girl, but I love flaps on others and I tried on a jumbo for myself and fell in love. I am equally obsessed now, which is terrifying!
  11. I love totes first, and big flap bags (e.g. Jumbo's) are a close second. I prefer structured bags with clean lines.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. I love totes the most.
  13. I really prefer slouchy or structured bigger handbags like the Cabas and GST as far as day bags are concerned.

    I'm getting tired of my patent Gucci clutch so the Timeless Clutch is definitely next on my list so I can use it on nights out and clubbing.
  14. Im a tote girl~~!!
  15. tote