which shall I get? small Caviar or Jumbo-both are Patent black

  1. Help--Hello, guys, need to make a decision right now....

    which shall I get? Small Caviar(the price is $1995, so is it a small one? or it's a medium? :sweatdrop:) or Jumbo..Both are Patent black lether with silver chain..

    I was wondering if the Jumbo is too big and boxy for me(I am 5'5)?--But I heard it is good for daily..

    At the same time I do think the Small Caviar is also good for daily and the patent lether makes it little bit dressy too.

    but I realy like both of them..because both are "PATENT"

    .......................need your inputs....thanks a lot~~:woohoo:
  2. jumbo, cos i just got one in caviar and have not touched my medium since.
  3. hia hia:angel:...what make you like Jumbo better?:p

    i was thinking the jumbo kina big and boxy for me, ...it is Patent+boxy+big=a little bit funny on me...