Which shade of pink is your favorite?

  1. Out of the pinks balenciaga has produced, which shade is your favorite in order, from most to least liked. Sorry ladies, I'm not sure how many they came out with, but if you know, please post. Thank you!
  2. 04 Rose (like the one Twinklette just got) or Magenta!!!
  3. mm, #1 for sure is the '04 rose!!
    next, magenta
    followed by the current pale rose
  4. magentaaaaaa
  5. :heart: MAGENTA!!:heart: :graucho:
  6. Pale rose, bubblegum, magenta...
  7. 2004 Rose -- I LOVE how it's a vintage/dusty color, it's really beautiful in person.
  8. I love the pale rose....it matches with more stuff.
  9. 04 rose, vieux/pale rose, magenta, bubblegum..

    there's something very barbie about bubblegum that I just can't pull off..
  10. magenta!!! totally love this colour!!!
  11. 04 rose! The magenta is more purple looking to me
  12. Pale rose, magenta, then 04 rose. Not much attracted to the bubblegum.
  13. the 04 rose and magenta!
  14. Ditto! :yes:
  15. '04 rose is my favourite, closely followed by Magenta. Then all lighter shades like pale, bubblegum etc