which shade of brown is the best...?

  1. so i am thinking to either get tan or chocolate......
    which color do you girls think is better....??? or maybe you have other suggestion?
    also has anyone seen tan or choco paddy anywhere?
  2. Hey There!

    So I had the tan very briefly and it was a difficult color to work into my wardrobe, while the chocolat just went with everything.

    IMO, there is a lot of orange in the tan. If that works for you, or if you want a nice "pop", a bag with a lot of contrast, that would be great.

    I am totally loving the new muscade though!! :heart:

    OOooo, and the taupe is a great shade, often overlooked I think!! I am so loving my taupe tote (wore it to a biz meeting today and it was so useful and elegant!!).

    It's so much for just choosing a color, isn't it?!?
  3. Totally agree with hmwe, chocolate was so easy to work into my wardrobe. :yes: The burgundy undertones are just beautiful! I think Taupe is a gorgeous color too... It just looks perfect on the paddy!! :love:
  4. I have had 3 different colors in my paddy collection. My very favorite and the one and only I kept is my chocolate paddy in my avatar. The color goes with everything!
  5. thanks girls.....
    maybe i have to go to Saks tomorrow and see which one i like the most....
  6. Definitely chocolate! It's so beautiful! Such a rich yummy color. Just ask Audrey, she has 2 of them, one from 05 & 06! :nuts: I have Brun which is like chocolate but without the burgundy undertones. It goes with everything, but even I'm thinking of getting a chocolate. ;) Let us know what you found on your trip to Saks!
  7. what exactly is the color tobacco?
    is it like some weird shade of brown or grey?
  8. But....if i had to choose out of any of the colours, i'd go for the Whiskey everytime:nuts:

    Or maybe tan or muscade..:yes:
  9. For true versitility, I think I agree with chicky- the whiskey will go with everything, plus it's a real stand out color!
  10. have seen that pic... thats why i am intereted in it....
    but the color turns out differently on my 3 different computers....
    so i cannot realy tell what exactly the color tobacco is....
    anybody knows.....?

    yes.... i am looking a versatile color as i prefer to get all the crazy colors from balenciaga
  11. my computer is going crazy.... i am not done typing and it just posted the post.
    anyways, i will check whiskey, if my Saks has it.....
    thanks girls
  12. let us know what u get : ) I really want the muscade paddy! that's my favorite shade of brown
  13. well, i went to saks and Neimans today.....
    surprisingl, sasks does not have any chloe :wtf: i did not know this...
    then, i went to nemans.... they hace chloes... but not paddingtons...
    and the SA was not very helpful either..... its kinda a waste of time.... :sad:
    neimans have choco silverado and some other colors in other styles that i am not familiar with (not paddington satchle which is what i a looking for....)
  14. Did you try your Nordies? Suprisingly they had the most paddies in my area.

    How about Bloomies?

    My local (SF Union Square) Saks doesn't carry Chloes either.