Which setting for ER?...pics for reference

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  1. Which do you prefer? The first pic is the exact same setting of my ER now but Im loving the 2nd one. Opinions please. Just found the pics from miadonna.com for reference.

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  2. In all honesty,and its probably not the answer you are looking for,I prefer the 1st one,plus the setting on the small stones is a little more protective,on the whole it looks a little sleeker to me. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  3. oooh!!! Thanks again Chaz! I needed that since Im quite fickle about settings and all that on jewelry LOL Had my ER re-set like 3x within the past 6 years :Push:Gotta learn the value of contentment from now on :yes:
  4. ITA. I love both, but the first seems cleaner and seems to showcase the smaller stones, as well as protect them a bit more.
  5. Here's mine. Blurry pics and bad lighting. Havent polished this baby for ages. I cant say it looks exactly the same as the 1st pic but similar. I thought maybe if I go for the prong setting on the 2nd pic below, the center stone would appear larger than it looks now. Correct me if Im wrong. Im so clueless LOL:nuts:

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  6. That is the first design I have ever liked that wasn't Tiffany's..and coincidentally I just had one (a much smaller version compared to yours) custom made 4 days ago! That is a lovely lovely ring!!! Don't change it-- it's absolutely TDF!!!!!!:heart:
  7. alrighty!!! You guys have enabled me to keep it as it is!!! Thanks! Geez, what would I do without you guys LOL
  8. I love the first one :heart:
  9. I prefer the 2nd one. I don't like bezel set diamonds and that's too bezel-y for me, I don't like seeing so much of the metal in the setting.
  10. I agree with you on the bezel thingie! My friends feel the same way about too much metal.
  11. I prefer #2--more stone shows, less metal. Just my personal preference.
  12. i prefer the 1st one.
    I reckon the second would be a bit too spiky IRL coz of all the little claws. Plus there'd be more risk of diamonds falling out and you'll have to constantly go to the jeweler for re-tipping of the claws, maintenance etc etc.
  13. Few points, first, they are similar enough to me that I would never think to change from one to the other. It would be almost a waste of time imo. You know that feeling you get when you buy something and you get it home only to realise its identical to something you already have!!!

    Anyway, even though the two rings being similar, I dont like them equally. The second one has a weird angle on the halo that makes it almost like a donut to me. It reminds me of something that is trying very hard to be special. Whereas the first design has nice proportions. The halo is correctly proportioned around the centre diamond. It is balanced and looks very pretty and feminine. The second one looks too organic for my tastes. The first one looks more classical too.

    I would LOVE to see your past changes, it sounds like you have been very busy.

    I have had the same ring for 17 years and by sheer fluke, I chose a setting that I have never tired of, and that is rare indeed for me!!!!
  14. I like #1
  15. Im an oddball :nuts: Wish I could find that perfect setting I wont ever get tired of!;)