Which set of accessories?

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  1. So I have my Coach Madison checkbook wallet in dark brown (you can't really see the Cs too much), my LV pochette, LV mini pochette, and LV pomme key pouch that I have been using between my silver Zoe and my LV ebene Neverfull MM (sold my other bags that I was using).

    I just ordered my black croc carryall at the outlet. I bought the purple croc zip around wallet and matching wristlet and the grey croc zip around wallet and matching wristlet. Should I use one of these sets for the black croc carryall or just keep using my above accessories?

    I typically prefer to have one wallet and one set of accessories because I used to have matching sets for each bag and it was a pain to switch out all of the time. If I keep one of the croc sets, I may end up getting rid of the above wallet and pochettes for this reason.

    My other option is to get the crimson checkbook wallet and wristlet, but I'd have to wait for another PCE and will they be around by then...
  2. Don't get rid of the LV's. Return all of the Coach before you do that!
  3. Well...I have the black, gray, and Peony croc Carryalls. When I ordered my accessories, I kept the black and peony in mind. I ordered a Peony clutch wallet and black croc large wristlet.
    When I bought my gray one, I picked up a gray croc large wristlet. Now I have my purple Audrey, and want a little accessory for that, but do not want to purchase another wallet (my peony clutch wallet was $218...the most $$$ I have ever spent on a wallet). I wish they would come out with the regular wristlets in this style.
    I, personally do not like to go total matchy matchy...but I do have one accessory for each bag that I can use for all of them at the same time.

    So my vote is use all of the croc!! LOL!
  4. i agree with louislover260!! keep the LV! it holds its value over time
  5. ^^ Amen Beriloffun! Soon the Coach items won't be worth anything, and the LV's will be almost worth what you paid! For me, it's a no brainer!
  6. Ok, which set of croc accessories if I keep the LV accessories no matter what?
  7. Keep the LV and the grey croc accessories
  8. I would keep the Grey Croc. The grey is much prettier than the purple.
  9. i would keep the grey croc wallet and purple croc wristlet.