Which season red is the most sought after?

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  1. I am planning to get a red classic flap. Which one is the most sought after?
  2. I'm also very interested. Would love photos if possible with the respective year and season of the bag.
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  3. 05 or 10C
  4. I was looking under the subforum "red" and I really love the 10C too!
  5. I found this from "red" subforum.
  6. Definitely 05 red, then 10C
  7. Which season is the red shown on your profile picture?
  8. 10A- it is more like a cranberry;)
  9. i've read about 05 but have never seen IRL...
    love & have 10C ~
  10. 10c is gorgeous! I also love 09, but with gold hardware.
  11. Oh lucky you!! I"m so envious of you!!
  12. The 10C appears to be the best "true" or lipstick red in recent years. Hope some similar red is offered in the future.
  13. Red lamb with GHW, was there ever a better Chanel combination?