which season has the most adorable white?

  1. I haven't had white b bag yet as i used to think tht white is a common color. :shrugs: I should go for rouge, blue or some other vibrant colors instead. Btw, i've recently changed my mind and begin to think abt white in the city size. :p Then, i really want to get some ideas from this community on which white from which season u think is the best white ever!!!! opionion plsss:wlae:

    Ps. i don't quite like blanc07, it's too white for meee...:shame:

  2. If you really don't want white, then maybe natural, from the current season, is an option.

    The whites vary from season to season, and usually are not stark white, but have some grayish undertones. I don't find them all that much different in color, but the season can determine the color of the hardware and the quality of the leather. Spring 2004 bags will have silver hardware, which looks great with white. Spring 2005 still was in the era of great leather, IMO. Just depends what you want. I think others here may have better opinions about the color differences from season to season. I always think the bags are off-white. I especially like spring 2004.
  3. i have a white spring 04! The leather is tdf and i personally think its the most wearable white.. except now its kinda greyish... :shame: