Which season has the best bags? help!

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  1. I'm trying to decide which season I should go splurge on bags the most...

    So I was wondering, in which season -fall, winter, spring, summer- do you think designers such as Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, etc (anything!) produce the best bag collection, and why?

    THANKS!! =)
  2. well I guess it just depends on what colors you like more, I notice mostly in spring/summer is more of fun styles and colors, and fall/winter more serious dark colors.

    I always always end up liking the fall/winter styles of any designer, never really bought a bag from spring/summer styles...
  3. Fall best styles.
  4. fall usually has more classic colors and styles and summer is usually bright fun colors.
  5. I would agree Fall/Winter nice colors.
  6. True but I can find the same colours for Fall/Winter in most Spring/Summer collections, yet I find that here in Mtl the darker shades sell less; perfect for July sales.
  7. Even though the seasons don't mean too much down here where I live, I think the Fall season comes up with the best bags. Besides, you get to wear them a lot longer through winter and early spring in most of the country.
  8. I usually like Fall/Winter styles. Classic, functional colors. Colors that you can work with year-round
  9. I lean towards Fall/Winter. I am a basic brown and black girl.
  10. I'm always in love with Fall/Winter. Always.
  11. Me too ;)
  12. definitely f/w especially if we're talking mj.
  13. I look forward to the new Fall bags appearing all year long.

    I spend twice as much in Sept as I do in March and I hardly ever buy any 'little extras' in the Summer sale as I do in the Winter one.

    I also think Winter bags tend to be made of sturdier/hard wearing materials so are better for all my tons of stuff and constant travelling.
  14. I like the fall/winter styles too. I think you can wear/use them most of the year.I have to admit,spring summer is a close second.:P Love the brighter colors!

    For the designers you listed...fall/winter.
  15. I'm another Fall/Winter person. Even though I enjoy seeing bright, happy colors, I find that the fall collections speak to me more:biggrin: I always end up spending more in the fall (Even in a country that doesn't have Fall so to speak) and normally get much better use/wear out of items purchased then.