Which season did Balenciaga start making coin purses

  1. So far I haven't seen anything before 2004 F/W. I would like to know when did they actually start making them so I'll know if I should stop dreaming of seafoam or yellow :sweatdrop:
  2. I don't know what season they started in, but they definitely made both Marigold and Seafoam. :yes:
  3. I've seen Marigold, but that's fall/winter 04. As far as Seafoam goes - I've seen makeup clutches with silver hardware, but never coin purses.
  4. Wow Cheshire you've seen seafoam coin :nuts: Maybe I should keep my hope up then :yahoo:
  5. Thank you slinks I have seen marigold, rose and eggplant, but all of them are from F/W :yes:
  6. Actually, I might be wrong - I know the itty bitty coin purse came in Seafoam, but the larger one you're talking about might not have... :hrmm:
  7. I'm trying to recall if I'd seen Coin Purses back in SS04 at BalNY..........I know that the Mini Coin Purses were introduced on 03(I think it was 03FW, but I've only seen black in 03 at BalNY), but I'm not quite certain about Coin. I think it was introduced in 04FW(really don't recall seeing Coin before that), but I may be wrong. I didn't pay attention to Coin Purses until I saw one in Eggplant.....:p