Which scarf?

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Which scarf should I get?

  1. denim patchwork

  2. zebra stripe oblong

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I just bought the Thalia wedges in the indigo/denim and I'm trying to match stuff with them....outfits will most likely be navy and white. I'm already planning to get the white ergo tote and would like to get a scarf that I can tie on to coordinate (instead of buying one of the denim bags), but I don't know which one.....

    Denim patchwork


    Zebra oblong (the stripes are navy blue btw)

    And here are the shoes for additional reference
    (if I could find a navy with white sig scarf I would be set!!)
  2. I don't personally care for the denim patchwork (or any patchwork), but I LOVE the zebra scarf -- get the Zebra!!
  3. ^^ I have the exact opposite opinion :smile:

    I'm not big on the patchwork bags, but the scarf is nice IMO.

    And LOVELY shoes BTW :yes:
  4. Definitley the patchwork...very cute!
  5. ITA
  6. Thanks!!
  7. I LOVE your new shoes!

    I voted for the denim patchwork scarf!
  8. i adore the new shoes and i think that the zebra scarf is sooo much cuter than patchwork
  9. I think the patchwork is really cute! Plus, it had some zebra in it! :tup: Congrats on the cute shoes!
  10. Patchwork. :tup:
  11. Zebras definitly cuter.
  12. I just saw them both in person and I LOOOVE the zebra!
  13. love the shoes. I vote zebra!
  14. I vote for the zebra. It will look great on the bag!! I love those shoes too :smile:
  15. I'm normally not a patchwork fan, but I really like this patchwork scarf. The different blues help to create texture. Vote - Patchwork!
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