which scarf to go with this bag?

  1. hey all i need your help! i just bought this bag from the outlet, and i was wondering whether the legacy stripe ponytail scarf or the scribble ponytail scarf would look/match better with the bag. please give your opinions as my artistic sense is zilch >< thanks!
    coach.jpg legacy.jpg scribble.jpg
  2. Either way!

    Legacy - Classy
    Scribble - Freshlooking & playful
  3. I agree; either scarf would look really cute on that bag. There is another one in the boutique that I liked....what do you think of this one?


    There is another one I saw earlier on the site tonight but it has dissapeared! It was the one that was khaki in the middle with green around it and a blue boarder. They presented it on a brown bag but I think it would look hot on your green bag.
  4. I agree as well!
    Either one (OR BOTH) would look fab!:yes:
  5. I love the legacy for it!
  6. hm im not sure i would put either,,, i saw it at the outlet and its quite a bright green i like the one becca suggested or there is a green one with the coach print on it i think would look awsome on it

    in this picture the green one, it matches it perfectly and since it has dif toned C's on it i think it would look AMAZING!

    or this one maybe :smile:

    just my opinion i think a nice green like the color of the bag would look great the other ones have too many colors that dont go in my opinion :smile: sry dont kill me!! ;)
  7. Cute, Cute bag!! what a find! It really depends on your mood/style. Get 2, 3, 4, and then change it every day!!:graucho:
  8. although both would look great, i would go for the scribble for spring/summer and tame it down with the legacy for fall.
  9. I agree with help!!!slush-- the lighter green might be a good way to go. That or the multi-dot ponytail has a green that's closer to the bag, plus many other spring colors! Let us know what you choose!

    Wish I could pull of the great green of your bag! What a fun, bold choice for spring.
  10. batgirl has the right idea. See, you need both scarves for both seasons. :smile:
    The scribble is my favorite for right now though.
  11. I agree!! I think one of the green scarves would look really pretty on it.
  12. I agree with the pear signature ponytail scarf.
  13. Legacy: Classic
    Scribble: Fun, more casual...perfect for Spring/Summer

  14. My vote is for the scribble!