Which scarf to get? I need suggestions...

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  1. I am thinking of getting a scarf for my mom. I initially want to get Hermes scarf but no luck so I thought LV silk scarf will be just as nice but I am confused :confused1:

    I am considering these 3 scarfs:
    1. MC Black (not sure about it but she has the black MC trouville to match)
    2. Mono Denim either in beige or pink
    3. Monogram print with little leopard prints on the corners (not sure what it's called)

    My mom loves plain colours like beige or brown. Which one do you think I should get? I don't really want to ask her what she wants as I want it to be a surprise :P

    TIA for your help
  2. I think #3 is nice....it's fashionable for this year, and if the leopards aren't totally dominating the scarf you should be OK.
    Either that or the denim in beige.

    I wouldn't go with the black MC because she already has the black MC purse...and that's too much MC LOL
  3. I think #3 is adorable!
  4. The mono leopard scarf is gorgeous! :love:

    lol.. but I'm a bit biased because it's sitting at the store ready for me to pick-up.. I just have to wait for the workday to end!! :nuts:
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