Which scarf should I choose???

  1. I don't have a LV scarf to go with my speedy bags and to thread around my petite noe bag. Which one do you think is versatile enough to match with my bags? I have 3 speedy bags (damier canvas 30, mono 25, mini lin in ebene) and a red epi petite noe. So, should choose the scarf on the Right or LEft?
    lv1.jpg home 004.jpg
  2. I just ordered the Marguerite Bandeau (the one on the right) to go with my mono bags!!! It is so springy!
  3. I say the left... :biggrin: Very cute and I love the colors.

    But then again, the second has almost the same name as me... :p
  4. I prefer the second one...
  5. The one on the left
  6. I recently purchased the one on the left so I vote for that one!
  7. I vote for the one on the right for you. I personally want the green one which says out of stock online already!
  8. Yeah~ The one on the left ^^
  9. i like the first one
  10. I DO like the first one, but considering you have a red noe, go with the one on the right that actually has RED in it :wlae:
  11. I like the first one! The colours are so cute!
  12. the one on the left gets my vote... i think the purple color will look real nice against different shades of brown
  13. My vote goes for the first one, the second one seems too busy.
  14. im going for the one on the left.
  15. The one on the right. I saw it in the shop and it's so cute.