Which scarf should I buy?

  1. I am torn between the Hamptons Weekend Patchwork Scarf (LOVE the pattern!) and the Watercolor Stripe Ponytail Scarf.

    Which do you have - ponytail scarf or square scarf - and which would I get more use out of? I mainly want one to wear as a headband, but I think I'd also like to use it tied on bags, around the neck etc.
  2. I have the Watercolor Stripe Ponytail Scarf and it's best as a headband and around your ponytail and can also be worn at the wrist or neck. It's perfect on bags too as a bow tie. I recommend the ponytail size, it rocks and I LOVE mine.:wlae:
  3. I see it in your avatar! It's so cute, plus I'd save $30... I'm hoping to get by the store tonight and check them out.
  4. ^ Hmm, well, I don't have a square scarf, only ponytail... and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! You can wear it as a headband either as is, or you can fold it in half and make it a skinny head band!!! You can also tie it on a bag, and I'm sure it'll go around the neck too... It's totally up to you though. If you can, why not buy one of each!

    Good luck!


    Oh yeah, make sure to post pics of whatever you buy so we (or maybe just me... lol) can all lust over its beauty!!!
  5. I get most use out of my ponytail scarves. they are the easiest to tie! I sold all but one of my square ones because I could never get them to look right.
  6. I also have the Hamptons Signature Scribble ponytail. It's great. You can do anything with these-- and everything you're wanting to do, the ponytail style is perfect for! Have fun!!!:yahoo:
  7. i have a lot of ponytail scarves...love them to death!

    i can get so much use out of them because of their shape. plus the price difference makes me more inclined to buy two ponytail scarves so i can have more options to wear them!
  8. Get the ponytail scarf. It will look great on you!!!
    Post pictures when you get your scarf.
  9. Watercolor ponytail scarf. It's the perfect size, and I much prefer the pattern.
  10. I think the watercolor one would add a bit of zest with your wardrobe ^_^ It's something young, new & refreshing!
  11. I like the ponytail scarf.
  12. I'd go for the ponytail scarf....I have both kinds of scarves, and I find I use the ponytail scarf more: it's just easier for me to use it in my hair or on my bag than the square one; I'm not all that great at tying square scarves. And like you said, it's cheaper!