Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Waaaaaaa, Pegase ! Your pseudo makes sense! I'm so crazy about this design, and I love Jacques Eudel! We're almost twins on the CSGM, mine is ardoise/bourgogne, and is by far my most used. And we're twins on this 70 cotton/silk Imprimeur Fou, which actually is my avatar ;) Hat down, your collex is amazing! :woot:
  2. A great one, dmiko!

    Welcome on board, Lady Aza! Such a sweet addiction, you'll see! ;)

    seton, this is too much fun! Fate is a great provider ! :biggrin:

    Perfect CW indeed, TT! You look great, as usual!
  3. OMG !!! Masik! I'm speechless! All are stellar! :faint:
  4. WOW!!!! This is STUNNING!!!
    And you arranged your CeT so beautifully!
  5. LOVELY!
    Love your fuchsia bracelet. Perfect match with the Maxy Twilly!
  6. Scarf Addict, the TR is "borrowed" from my mum, because I found it the perfect match for my new K in tosca. ;)
    pjlatte and Maedi: :ty:
    Chestnutty, went to an AK concert several years ago. Now I know she has both: a great voice AND a good taste! :biggrin:
  7. Thank you sooo much, Ladybaga! I feel very flattered. Looking forward to your next pics!
  8. WOW!!! I'm shocked!
    What a fantastic blue collection!
    And how many RmlC you have, incredible!
    Modeling pics please!
  9. seton, thank you!
    Anfang, :heart: Merci beaucoup!!! Ich sende Dir herzliche Grüße nach Frankreich!
  10. You're very welcome, sweetheart ! :hugs:
  11. Inspired to wear my only 140cm FdI today after seeing Ladybaga and Scarf Addicts beautiful purple one. It's finally getting cooler here and am so happy the scarves get to come out and play.

    There is so much pattern in this scarf that even wearing it the exact same way brings out so many different colors and flowers.

  12. Fleurs d'Indiennes is spectacular in every cw. I love your scarf & the way u tie it. So refreshing!
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    :biggrin: stolen to my hubby with Mai Tai horn

    is that admissible here?
    foto 1.JPG
  14. Superf FdI MYH !!

    Not only it's TOTALLY admissible, but it's creative! Bravo! :urock:
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