Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. One last post for today.. I know I am late for party, as always, but U just could not resist doing this, so I took 2hours off today to take the first "family foto" ... needles to say, taking this pic was much harder than I thought... lol
    as you know... I am crazy about the horsies!
  2. is that Fantaisies Indiennes? What a pretty colorway. :smile:

    I can see why it took forever but it was well worth it. It looks stunning on you.

    Oh my! Scarfgasm!!! YOU are the Couvertures King! I cant decide which is my favorite. That pink gavroche! The yellow cw! TWO GMs!
  3. I met my great H collector friend and with NO planning, we were both wearing Art des Steppes and CDCs! I had to take pix of us twins, of course! :smile:

  4. On my way to a business dinner
    JdH S/S 2013
    Love the CW of this one
  5. All so beautiful on you, LB!
  6. it's perfect with ur outfit :smile:

    congrats! looks lovely with ur coloring. :smile:

    what a wonderful picture, Baga! You smile all the way up to your eyes and it's a joyous thing to see.
    Your Colomb is just gorgeous.
    I love the graphic quality of Coquilllages with the painting in the background.:biggrin:
  7. Love your horses! I am crazy about them too, so your collection is a delight to look at, Pegase. Thanks for the pic!
  8. TT, you look amazing, as usual :hugs:
  9. A great one, for sure! 👍
  10. I'm a newbie in this topic, so please forgive if i do all at once :smile:
    I was sick in bed when I started to read the thread during the Blue week, still feeling not so hot during the Doubles week, and finally I'm myself (more or less ), in the Purple Week.
    So, if you don't mind, Ladies and Gents, I will post some pictures of my Blue, Double, and Purple scarves for your viewing pleasure.

    Contribution to the Blue Week
    Please feel free to play a recognition game :smile:



    Contribution to the Double Week
    These are not all my doubles, as ExLenK cw 02 is on lent to my cousin... though I feel I might just go ahead and re-buy it :lol:
    Also another cw of Grands Fonds gavroche in on its way to me :yahoo:

    And lastly my humble contribution to the Purple Week, though I'm not a big fan of purple (especially comparing to blues, hehe)

    Thank you for letting me share (c)
  11. Thank you, seton! It's one of those colors I love but can't wear once I have a good tan going, haha. Good thing I live in a place with a short summer! :graucho:

    Thank you for such kind words, Ladybaga:heart:
    I love gris perle and the purple is a surprise pairing that I ended up liking more than I expected.

    Ohhh I like your cw as well!! Lovely rich colors~

    Wow this is a fabulous shade of purple:love:
  12. OK, you take the cake for Couvertures Scarf King! You are officially crowned. Love the crazy puzzle configuration you created with all your lovely scarves. Thanks for sharing!

    Seton - that's adorable! I wonder if all of us on this thread showed up to a party together, what are the chances of the same thing happening?:party::party:

    TT - I can always spot your signature diagonal modeling shots from a mile away! love this scarf on you. I'm not sure what JdH stands for? Care to show us an open pic of the scarf? I'm intrigued.

    Masik - where have you been all our lives? You NEED to become a regular on this thread. You have an outstanding collection of beauties! :woohoo: And of course, you are forgiven for covering 3 theme weeks in one post. In fact, we thank you for it.
  13. *taking a bow* Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I've been on yet another H-ban for half a year, as we were buying a new house (without selling the old one), soooo I had to be very frugal with my H buying. But now we are happily settled in the new abode, and my I eyes are finally stopped looking like [​IMG]
  14. Love the colors with the denim!
  15. Thank you so much, seton! I always get nervous when I see the "George By Numbers" painting that is in the background because it looks like he is saying, "Ladybaga, what did you buy today? Do you really need another scarf?" :lol:
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