Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Thanks so much!
  2. jp_536: thank you very much for your compliment. Btw, I got a chance to try on the teal green Fleurs et Papillons de Tissus at my boutique last week. It's a rich teal with details in sepia and dark blue - I think you'll love it! It will go very well with your leather jackets! It's whimsical, and at the same time very dark and rich, like jewels. Also, surprisingly, it has a peach contrast hem.

    HeidiMom, DrTr, sophieg, eagle1002us, Pegase, wt880014, TankerToad, lanit, MYH: Thank you all for your kind compliment. It's such a nice scarf! I love love the bordeaux red on it.Haven't seen such red on H scarves for a while.

    MYH - I LOVE that sepia brown shade on your Boat scarf. Sepia and anthracite are my favorite H neutral colors, even much more than black and brun. I've been trying hard to resist, but your modeling photos are very enabling! I think your cw has more depth than mine :smile:.

    TankerToad - You really rocked the Brazil shawl! Congrats again on your DD's wedding. May the couple have many years of happiness and health together.

    Lanit - Your Legende du Poisson Corail is in a gorgeous cw! I remember a pic you posted with this scarf in your garden near the water (beach? lake?) - so dreamy! I can't wait to see it in pocket square format as well, would be so lovely!

    Sophieg - Congrats on your upcoming big day. I'm sure you will be a beautiful bride on your special day!
    Btw, you know, now you have yet another reason to check out the homeware section at H :biggrin:.

    Scarf Addict - Love your Dominos cw, matches your red sweater well. Did you pick up anything from Fall 2013 yet? Girl, I saw some pink and red Fleurs et Papillons de Tissus that are sooo adorable!
  3. Oh My chestnutty!! The ENABLING! Teal green, sepia, AND dark blue with a peach hem!?!?! You are SO RIGHT!! I WOULD TOTALLY LOVE it!!! How you know me so well!! :smile: I love how you KNOW us just by our scarf collections! :smile: Soon though... We shall get to meet in person when I accompany a dear friend out that way :smile:
  4. What a lovely CW of Bateaux, MYH!

    Good to see you here again, dear Scarf Addict! In the summer, I give up on silks around my neck and pretty much only wear them as belts/sashes, but you look wonderful in your red Domino!

    Thank you to you both, dear TT and Chestnutty :blush: And thanks for the suggestion - my husband to be gets to wear an H tie on our big day, maybe I should look into a commemorative piece for myself :graucho:
  5. Chestnutty and TankerToad, your Bateaux are made for dreaming !

    lanit, I agree, this theme is one of my favourites too !

    I played with mine to find a conductor : here are 2, both pink, one on the sea, one under, one pale, one bright : Feux de Route Aperçus la Nuit en Mer and Grands Fonds :
    Feux de Route.jpg Feux de Route détail.jpg Grands Fonds.jpg Grands Fonds détail.jpg Feux de Route2.jpg Grands Fonds2.jpg
  6. Sorry, can't understand why some pics look so big ...
  7. Anfang - your scarves are beautiful! The bright fish are my favorite, but both look gorgeous on you!
  8. Thank you so much DrTr ! You're such a sweetheart :hugs:I must confess I have a special feeling for Feux de Route, but both are sea-related so I love both! I bought them in a heartbeat when issued, SS 1992 .... long time ago ! :biggrin:
  9. Both are lovely and look good on you.
  10. Thank you tammywks !
  11. I don't think I've seen Feux de Route modeled before - it's lovely on you in this soft pink, dear Anfang. And Grands Fonds is really nice in pink too!
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    Oh MYH, I am twins with you on this beauty and want more more more!! IMO, this scarf is the most gorgeous piece of silk art that has come along in my two year silkie life.

    Sophieg: honey, congratulations upon Wedding Announcment!! :heart::woohoo::heart:

    Pegase: we must get the moutard cw of this scarf and be twins. :lecture: I want a GM so badly!! Why is it not in my collection??? :pout:

    Anfang: what a special scarf!! The top one with the black ship on pink sea!! Wow!! I am on a PINK crazy lately!
    Wearing Bateaux 2013 002.jpg

  13. Hahahaaa sweet jp, Chestnutty has your number. Leather jackets and all!!
  14. Sparklelisab - yay twins!! I love how you have worn it in your picture. Boats and borders showing. I will have to use you as my inspiration and wear it with a white top. I wear too much black. Sometimes I just get into a rut with a scarf/blouse pairing and need to see someone else's modeling pics to get out of it!
  15. Thank you so much, sophieg ! I've always loved this cw of Feux de Route, even if when issued, it was not by far the most popular. Perhaps my most worn 90 ! :biggrin: And huge congrats for your wedding !

    Thank you sparklelisab! I love this Feux de Route to death, and the title when said in French makes me dream : lights made out at night at sea. Oh well, it soesn't sound similar, something gets lost in translation ! :biggrin: Anyway, I deeply love this one, have always had a feeling for those white/pink/grey, this is why this shawl season sounds painful for my wallet ... Your 2nd Bateaux is heartbreaking !
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