Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Love this!
  2. --Thanks so much ! It was such a long, stressful day..It is so nice to hear all the pleasant comments!!
  3. Here is is, seton, it has red H borders. I remember this was not sold in H stores, you only could buy it at American Hospital. It was issued to raise funds to help American Hospital buying a MRI machine :
    Les Amériques1.jpg Les Amériques2.jpg Les Amériques3.jpg Les Amériques4.jpg
  4. Stunning Seton - all these details are amazing ! I could spend a day studying them :smile:
  5. Wow, I guess, it's very rar ! It's beautiful Anfang, thank you for sharing !
  6. Wow Jahna, 3 Au Son ! Please, please share pics :smile:
  7. I really like how you tied it, Sophieselt, it's looks very elegant.
  8. May I present - my addiction : Kachinas. KO is a genius, for me these scarves are magically beautiful.
    I will post the 140 summer twills later these week :smile:
  9. --Thanks--that's nice of you to say--
  10. --Wow--those are so cool!
    Can you still get the Kachina's? I think I saw a cashmere GM in Naples, FL--would that be right?
  11. Splen-did !!! Love them all !!!
  12. In a H store ? Not sure but I think rather not...For sure re-seller would be a source....
    But perhaps they have a stock in Naples :smile: Oh my Gosh, I would buy it immediately:girlwhack:
  13. Thank you for the scarf love Anfang !:hugs:
  14. --Yes--it was the Naples, FL store--I am pretty sure that's what she said..
    I am new to the scarves...so I am still learning all the designs--
    I can give you her name and number if you are interested..I may be mistaken, but I think that is what she called it....
  15. Thank you, most kind of you but it would be too complicated to ship to my country ....I am far away from FL :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.