Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Hello ladies, I'm finally back home from busy Florida and hope to have time to participate soon. It will be very enjoyable to catch up on the 70 or so pages I've missed. Hope that everyone is well and enjoying their summer scarves. :biggrin:
  2. My one hit wonders

    Courses a Chantilly by Maurice Taquoy, 1993 version

    Welcome back, Aqua Queen! Youve been greatly missed! :cool:
  3. What, they don't have computers in Florida?? :giggles:

    pierina, we are so happy you are back! :yahoo:Who does blue like you??? Anything new to show off??? :biggrin:
  4. For North America wk, KO is the obvious choice.

    To start, Pony Express in black from 1993

  5. Les Ameriques, all from 1992.
    I have 3 cws: green, blue, navy/red
    booklet info courtesy of SM1


  6. --The colors are incredible in that scarf! I love it!!
  7. Among the best cw of CSMC re-issue scarf that I've seen so far. Matched very well with your Gris T Kelly. Perfect outfit my friend!

    - I agree with you on Les Cannes. I saw the purple colorway tied on a mannequin at my boutique and I'm really impress. So classic!
    Anfang - these are actually my wishlist. I don't own most of them, only the last three. Some like Jardins de la Nouvelle Angleterre and celery green Central Park I have been hunting and not yet found them.

    Not any more excelent than your taste, my fellow hoarder. Sister with you on many designs. I saw the monochromatic Jardins de la NA on ebay.fr the other day but it didn't sing to me as much, even though I'm a blue sucker. The black/craie one is nice as well, but since I already have the sepia Central Park, I can skip on that one.

    Sparklelisab - Please do post modeling pic of Abre de Vie. It's my favorite from Henry in the last two years!

    The Ameriques ties so well Seton! Thank you fort starting the NA theme :tup:.
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    BritAbroad, Sophieselt, Sparklelisab - I'm glad you enjoyed my post :smooch:. Some eye candies are what we all need here, don't we!
    Lanit - Noooooo I don't need any more enabling on the Turquoise CeL shawl :nogood:. Let's pretend I didn't see your post.

    Enabling photos at your service, 'mam ;). I was about to tie my turquoise one the other day and saw the white pearls - had to take pic :P:


    Dude I wish my waist can look as lean as yours.
    Haha, I'm on the same fate. My local boutique is 10 minutes from my house. Needless to say, I'm there almost every Saturday morning in lieu of my morning exercise :biggrin:.

    Wa'Ko-Ni - I have the purple colorway. I agree - it's too beautiful to pass. I once wore it in some way that the princess's eyes were shown, but it's a bit freaky so I tied away, LOL.
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1372633257.683279.jpg

    -Long day- but my scarf served me well!
  10. Welcome back !! :smile:We missed you..
  11. I have Les Amériques, too, a special issue to help American Hospital of Neuilly, but maybe too similar. So here is my contribution for this week's theme : CS GM Cosmogonie Apache !
  12. OMG that is stunning, I need that colour, do you have the colour code, thanks for more enabling lol x
  13. thx and I really like the scarf necklace look on you :smile:

    I never get tired of looking at Ameriques, would love to see yours.:graucho:

    Chestnutty - thx for your sweet words.
  14. Hi everyone!! MIA again, and we have headed into another week:

    30 June The New World: Scarves about North America to celebrate US Independence Day

    Gangs of company have kept me out of scarf world, and I don't know WHAT I have for this one; there must be something...

    About the best I have done this week is a visual feast.

    Hermesick, I love Toutsy too, and have "Au Son..." in 3 CWs (keep thinking about cutting it down to two, but I can't decide to do it.

    So many beautiful scarves!!
  15. So pretty in a giddy feminine way! Very 50's in design! Seton, you simply must get a full-skirted dress and a big sun hat and shades to go with this! Tout chic!
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