Which scarf/pointu/pochette are you wearing today?

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  1. Week of April 7th - 13th:
    Double your Pleasure, Double your Fun: Two Scarves​

    Show us how you tie two scarves in one look. Two 90cm carres, two gravroches, two PM mousselines, etc. or scarves of two different formats - Any combination you want. Let's have fun!

    Upcoming week: Week of April 14th - April 20th: The Universe on my scarves: Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, and Mythology
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    mulberryforbes, MYH, sparkleL, Carrelover, lanit, Maedi, Seton, Ladybaga, Chestnutty, eagle1002us...
    Thank You for your comments! I've been missing you too!!!!

    Chestnutty: the small brooch is a wasp! coincidentally I am wearing a bee in one of the pictures I am posting next!...

    I AM really sorry... what can I say... Work has kept me really really busy! witch is a good thing, then I have been spending (almost all) of my earnings in... u know what... lol

    I will try to post regularly now and start writing all the comments to your wonderful pics and postings that pop in my head when I visit this wonderful thread!
  3. Love this topic!! I look forward to all your creative ideas. Will try to participate this week, am so bad in following/ participating the weekly theme :shrugs:
  4. not on the weeks theme -yet- but glad to post again!!!

    it feels good to be back! =)
    Springis really having a hard time trying to get here... its stills feels like cold winter! I have been wearing this to keep me warm and cheer up....
    IMG_3887K.jpg IMG_3910K.jpg IMG_4065K.jpg
  5. Hi Everyone:
    I am new to the purse forum, but not knew to Hermes. I have a question that I hope some of you can help me with. I only own the 90cm scarves, but now im dying to get a cashmere GM shawl.
    My question is I am 5'1", anyone here petitie, and own one? I tried one on, and there is quite a bit of fabric too conceal, and of course the SA was saying its fine but I wasnt taking her word for it.
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    Thank you.:smile:

    Thank you very much. This is one of my favourite threads.

    Thank you. Your kind words are making me blush.:smile:

    Thanks. I watched all her videos. They are very inspiring. The colours of this scarf are indeed stunning.

    Thanks so much.
  7. Thank you so much! I love pearls! No wonder that this scarf is my favourite.

    That's right. You remember well. I'm not aware of any fault.:angel: You won't regret the purchase of this wonderful scarf! I swear.:biggrin:

    Thank you so much.
    Of course!:biggrin: The colours and the workmanship are just amazing!
  8. Pegase - I have ZZ Top playing in my head. Everyone loves a sharp dressed man!

    TY and welcome back, O Turquoise Queen. You've been missed.

    Yay! Glad u like it, TY.

    TY. I should be home by then and would have access to everything.

    As usual, there would not be enuff days for me to fit all the scarves that would work theme-wise. So I think that unless I have a special request for a specific scarf, I will do my 2 Zodiaques. Off the top of my head, the other choices would be:

    1. Astrologie - 6 cws
    2. Ceres - navy
    3. Gloria Soli - 2 cws
    4. Phaeton - 2 cws
    5. Songe de Poliphile - cadet blue
    6. Saravati
    7. Secrets de Minos - gray/absinthe
    8. Rythmes du Monde - navy/taupe

  9. This is really, truly gorgeous.

    Everyone looks lovely! I'm being inspired by all the different knots!
  10. Sorry, I will be back with the week theme soon but I would like to share with you Rêve de Corail in cobalt (with MT shawl ring). I am in the deep deep blue phase ....xo
  11. Lovely silks everyone! Here is my double pleasure L' Pegases for theme week!
  12. seton- I want to see Phaeton! I love that silk and always miss out on these fabulous design! And I would love to see the Rhythms du Monde too!
  13. That's a GENIUS way to wear your pegase lanit!!! :nuts::love::woohoo:
  14. This is just amazing! :loveeyes:
  15. This is soo gorgeous Lanit! You got both of my favorite colorways of Pegases in one look!!! :love:
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